Suggestion: We should have a thread about Taking Action for each of the major subliminals


Once our subconscious mind is being reprogrammed for the better via these subliminals, all that’s left to do to convert our new potential to real world results is Taking Action and Learning from feedback in the “real world”.

The action that we take will of course depend on the subs we listen to. So for Quantum Limitless, we could take action by going through something like Jim Kwik’s trainings that are design to help people learn better.

For Primal Seduction, we could chosse a number of dating/seduction courses out there and document what we learn as we apply these teachings in the real world.

These Taking Action threads will give suggestions about what programs/actions to implement for those listening to that particular subliminal, and their experiences can be posted in the individual journals.

Yay or Nay?


I agree and support this 100000000%


My reading list for Quantum Limitless is here. Those books I have listed so far are not skill-specific, but they focus on the fundamentals of superior learning and thinking.


This. Contradicts This.

Taking Action and Learning from feedback in the “real world”.

Not books or courses. “Going through programs” is not Action Taking.


I guess what he means is working through the course, applying it afterwards and then evaluating the results. :sweat_smile:


on board.

a crucial idea.

Before anyone else says so, I’ll point out that it’s quite clear that many people are already using the forum and their journals for just this purpose. But it may be helpful to have a specific thread(s) for those who would like a bit of reminding and support.


That’s what I’m thinking. Like if we’ve been running Primal Seduction for 500 hours, are out and about approaching women, but still not getting the desired result, we could go to the Take Action: Primal Seduction thread to see what’s been working for others. Rather than look up all the PS journals.


How so? The action you’re taking IS going through the program. Your use of inverted commas suggest a negative connotation towards that phrase, and if you’re using it to imply passively listening to the program without doing the actionable steps, then I agree with you.

But as with most things, a baseline of knowledge needs to be accquired before said knowledge can be tested out. This can and should make the learning curve more smooth rather than re-inventing the wheel.


Hey, I just pointed out what seemed like a contradiction to me in the OP.

If people post what they actually applied, along with their results, I’d love it.

If what gets posted is reading lists and recommendations of 20-100 authors, books, and courses, in every skill category, we’ll have one giant mental masturbation thread collection.

99% of which will be worthless distraction considering the way subliminals work.


@Sirchiropractixalot please don’t fall into the trap of going to dating seminars and reading pua books and This is reconciliation not action.

This why i am against these Tony Robbins conventions. Where they make you feel good but what then ?.

Go out to social meetup, talk to both men and women. Perhaps go out and approach women during the day say “hi” smile ans start conversation.


I have to agree with Simon. Reading a book or doing a course is not taking action, it’s what you do with that knowledge that counts. For example you can read all the PUA books in the world but if you never approach then what’s the point?

Books, courses and subliminals are the same thing - they’re just the driver for changing your life, they’re not the required action. That action comes from actually interacting with the world.


This is a situation where a practical example or better yet an actual report of actions taken will probably be much better than abstract generalizations.

@Sirchiropractixalot maybe it would be better to just show what you intend rather than debating on the theory of it. Maybe your intent is not yet adequately understood by others since it’s in your head and not theirs.

Maybe just start the thread, and show what you mean.

I think that thinking and planning can be an action but it depends on what your goal is. Some people just do, do, do and never think. For such a person, making a plan or approaching a goal systematically with thought might be an important action to take. But lots of us are at the other extreme.

Anyway, the really useful actions probably involve challenging fear, resistance, and inertia in order to develop a new pattern.

Mental masturbation sucks. So yes, definitely don’t want that.

Got to take it to the street.


I recall when S&S was first released i read that people were complaining that it never worked. Simply because they were not putting themselves out there. They thought taking action was watching a youtube video of guys picking up women. Then somehow the magical power of the sub will make women appear around them.

Likewise creating a thread on how to take action is not action. It is reconciliation the mind is trying to find ways not to interact with women.

@Sirchiropractixalot you have to face your fears directly and not debate the best ways of taking action.


I think this is the place where the disconnect is happening. The action you take does not depend on the subliminals you listen to.

That’s backwards.

Rather, the subliminals you choose depend on the goals and targets you have in your personal life. The actions you take also depend on your personal goals and targets.

**That’s ** what needs to be clarified.

So, a thread about Taking Action would primarily be about _Goal Clarification _. Not about random actions that could be associated with each different subliminal.

More than ‘what should I do?’, a better question is ‘what do I want?’ As the answer to that question becomes clearer, it gets easier to both 1) choose the appropriate subliminals, and 2) choose the right actions to take.


@Sirchiropractixalot’s intentions are on point, and its obvious that he is all about real world action taking. So, the only conversation I’m having here is whether or not it makes sense to have threads of reading lists for each major subliminal.

Beyond what @Malkuth just posted above (which IMO every SubClub beginner should bookmark), I feel I need to clarify this point:

Keeping in tune with the convo, lets use Primal Seduction as an example.

All we can assume is that the men who choose to order and play PS, have SOME dating / sexual goals they want to achieve.

We don’t know what those goals are, and what his life situation is.
This can range anywhere from
“college student surrounded by chicks, and wants enough options to select a gf” to
“45 year old man traveling the world after a divorce, and wants to fuck a 19 year old of every nationality before he turns 50”.


How the sub will work, will depend on this man’s goals, beliefs, and environment.
… And it will try to find the FASTEST way to manifest those goals.

Some guys will only need the confidence to start conversations.
Another guy is short & confident, and its “Impeccable Style” that turns his life around.
A nerdy dude attracts a smart photographer, and cracks the code to online texting.
“Spartan Lite” kicks in for another guy, who lives next door to a gym, and in the next 3 months he has fucked every single hottie who trains there.
Etc. Etc.

There is no specific archetype like “Day Gamer” that PS serves.

Scripting to attract whatever knowledge be necessary, is already in every major program.
Sometimes, it will be a course you already have.
Or you’ll stumble synchronistically to a youtube video.
Or you’ll attract a friendship with a local natural.
Yet, none of the above is necessary for the Subconscious Coaching of S&S to work.

Similarly, there are no specifics for how Mogul manifests.
There are writers, salespeople, teachers, traders, marketers, men with blue collar jobs, et al.
Each with their own styles, limitations, goals, and life situations.

Same for Emperors, Khans, Daredevils, Alchemists, etc.

The subliminal working with the subconscious mind will always find a faster way, than any logical plan that the conscious mind has learned from a stranger (guru).


I don’t think taking action can be broken down into a bullet point post for everybody. We’re all different and flawed in different ways. So each one of us has some different action taking that’s needed based on where we are currently and where we want to go. Basically what everybody said. Put yourself out there and start doing. Work toward the goals of the sub your listening to. That’s all.


I’m not debating anything. My previous post clearly shows what I’m getting at.


having here is whether or not it makes sense to have threads of reading lists for each major subliminal.

Reading lists is a part of it, a Doing List is more of what I had in mind.


Yes it does. Case in point: If a user were to listen to Muay Thai X in an attempt to improve his self defense skills, but dedicate all his time to build and diversify his investment portfolio. Do you think he’ll be a better fighter as quickly as if he were to spent 3 more hours each week in a Muay Thai gym?

I agree with what you said about how our goals will determine the subs we listen to, but that doesnt make what I say above incorrect. I am assuming that we’ve already determine our goals and hence select the subs that will help us reach our goals as quickly as possible.


Actually every person could have a bullet point list to start taking action. It is better if you have a written plan than something in mind. Who would you trust more? A pilot who has his way charted on his monitor or a pilot who knows the way?