Suggestion for Elixr


I just noticed that the hypnotic script regarding past negative experiences includes suggestions to essentially get rid of and forget the negative experience.

I think that’s dangerous and counter productive.

Within every negative experience we’ve had, there’s a valuable learning experience. If we forget the experience, we forget what we learned from it – or at least potentially.

I’d suggest a modified script that acknowledges the positive learning from the negative experience, and has us visualize extracting the positive learning from the negative experience before getting rid of and forgetting the rest of it, while retaining the positive learning.


No need to worry. :slight_smile:

We have kept the Elixir conscious script as focused and easy to use, while having the more complicated operations in the subliminal part of the supercharger.

While you are listening to and following with your conscious mind, your subconscious is engaged in some deep, deep processes of healing and learning.