Subs to be less intimidating and more approachable

Whatsup Folks!

Have a question for you veterans out there.

I’ve been having great results with Wanted and Khan, which are my two favorites thus far.

I have however run into some challenges socially at times. In social scenes amongst friends or social gatherings, I find the general reaction of girls to be initially shy, nervous/uncomfortable or perhaps intimidated around me. Also I find the men in general threatened and not interested in being my friend, at least at first.

I’ve been told I have a dominating presence by an ex girlfriend. This has pros and cons, pros I tend to command a silent respect. Cons being it can be a bit lonely and isolating when I want to socialize.

I was wondering what Subs could help make me more charming per say and more approachable. I was looking into perhaps Stark for this.

Would appreciate your thoughts.


True social comes to mind.


Just Add love stuff. It makes you inviting.

Like wanted, love bomb. Pure masculinity without loving energy is not ideal.


Lovebomb for Humanity
True Social

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Has approachability Aura.


Stark is definitely your subliminal of choice to make yourself more charming and social, but why not try a different way of targeting the issue? I just feel like adding Stark to Khan is almost undoing the best part about Khan.

If you still want to run Khan (and why wouldn’t you, it’s the best social sub in the shop IMO) why not try balancing your naturally ‘domineering’ presence with something like Love Bomb or Love Bomb for Humanity? The latter is a free sub and definitely one of the finest creations the shop has to offer.

Both would help you attract people in a social context and create more positive interactions, without you having to compromise yourself and who you are. It will definitely make you more approachable, and you still get to exude a high level of masculinity which is something that all men should strive for nowadays.


Chosen is great for softening of your aura. I have a custom with Khan/Chosen as core, works great.


why so?

In my experience when running both subs, the best part about Khan is the calmness, stoicism and sheer social dominance that exuberates from you without a word needing to be uttered.

Contrast that with what I consider is the worst part of Stark, which is the incessant chattering and constant jokes.


Love Bomb for Humanity

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Thanks for this, decided on CHOSEN!

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Thanks, went with chosen!

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Love your in depth insight. Thanks again @bombayduck

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How did you conclude this?

Out of curiosity, how long have you been running Kahn?

I ran Khan for about a year

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Wow, that’s hard to top lol