Subs + Therapy = overkill?


I am a life long reader of anything related to personal development of goal setting. With little results to show in my personal life. At this point of my life I’m thinking that I’m ready to explore the possibilities of therapy. Not because I’m more fucked up than the next guy but because I need a qualified person to shed light on some issues and help me do “deep work”.

Please understand that I’m not asking for medical advice here nor will I ever consider anything I read here to be medical advice.
Can you run subs while going through therapy? I’m really thinking about Internal Family Systems.
That’s the system I resonate with and I’d like to explore its therapeutic possibilities. I’m also running Asc Mogul, Rebirth, Limit Destroyer and soon Regeneration? Combining them with IFS therapy, isn’t that overkill?


I think you should. If that helps assist the subs, why not? I’d just be wary if part of the subs give contrary instructions to what your therapist says. Like, if they say it isn’t the right time (yet) to open your old wounds then probably don’t use a sub that may bring past trauma to surface.


This is something you need you to discuss with your therapist. I’m not saying that just to be safe, too. The subs instructions may directly contradict what the therapist is trying to do, leading to issues. Please discuss this with them.


My few coins & my IMHO. Try Family Constellations. One group session helped me to go thru some barrier like C4 explosion in the wall and then SC subs rushed thru new breach like special forces assault team. My experience: Good & Adequate Therapy + Subliminal Clubs programs = Freedom & Success.


Thanks everyone. :slight_smile: