Subs Journey - Emperor+Regeneration/Elixir


I started the subliminal journey back in April and later I started with Subliminal Club.
It was early September when I purchased Stark.
I was debating at that time between Stark and Emperor.
Eventually I listened to Stark for 2 weeks and dismissed it and started a healing journey with
Regeneration and Elixir.

Stark was giving to much trouble hence the choice to heal my self first and eventually restart it.

I’ve listened to Regeneration and Elixir for just a little over 1 month and all this week has been my week off (wash out?) to prepare to introduce Emperor.

I’ll start Emperor now and I 'll run it solo for the first 3 days 1 loop a day for the first week. Afterwards I’ll introduce back Regeneration and Elixir in alternating days.

I’m thinking do add Mind’s Eye after 2 weeks and BLU after 2 more weeks.
I’ll reduce Regeneration and Elixir to 3 times a week and have BLU every other day.
Well… Let’s that I’ll be experiencing with that.
At the moment I feel sure about running Emperor and Mind’s Eye toghether for sure and I’ll experiment with the other.

About this past month with Regeneration and Elixir only I can say is I’m very happy and satisfied!
This stack helped me enormously!
Subliminal Club did a great job with this two for sure and I look forward with more success with the new stack!

I’ll write more about the Reg/Elix’s experience in the coming days and I’ll also update this journal
with the new stack.



What trouble did you have with Stark?

We have a similar stack right now, hopefully it works well with you.


@Apollo Lack of sleep and the little sleep I had was bad too.
Lack of motivation
Not centered


I’ve spent 5 weeks on Regeneration and Elixir (first week supercharge and then Ultima).
I started that healing stack following other members experience and I thought it would had been better to prepare the ground for a successful sub journey.
I feel very good about SubClub, their product and the absolutely awesome community, so I decide to stick around and not let the not so great experience with starkQ demotivate me.

I also thought that there were some issues that needed to be resolved.

I had a great life with just two major incident that took me a great deal of effort to manage and clear up. And they happened when I was already mature, successful and stable.

I will say that probably the Reg-Elix stack has helped to clear the last bit remaining of this “traumatic” events and also are helping to move forward at this moment in life that things are little tough.

Some background on personal and spiritual development:
I’ve been practicing daily meditation from over ten years.
I’m a Reiki practitioner 3rd level since about 9 years.
I did training for Shamanism and other spiritual practices.
All of that to develop my mind, body and spirit and to achieve “wholeness”.

Regeneration and ElixirU have grounded me, centered me, and brought a great deal of peace inside me and outside too.
The peace I have around me is just incredible.
I’m myself very calm, and very sharp.
I’m handling my current issues very comfortably, they just don’t bother me as they used to.
Every day is less annoying!
I accept things more naturally and the big thing is that now I feel and perceive things as “natural” as they are. Every thing has my upmost respect to exist, material and not material, if that makes sense.

Sleep was just great! I don’t even remember when last time was that I had that kind of sleep.
Fully rested and full of energy upon waking and get up!
Lot’s of dream. Unfortunately I didn’t remember most of them.
My coolness and behavior improved, actually I’d say I got that back after some years that were lost altogether.

Even during my various practices I was always pushing myself into thinking and behaving certain way. Now is just natural for me.
I think all these years spent in development have been brought together in my mind and in my unconscious mind with the help of these subs.
I don’t know what the author of the subs have written into them, but that’s how I feel.

Last week was a washout in preparation of Emperor, which I started on Monday and the last 2 days I’ve added 1 loop of Regeneration.



Best of luck with your new stack!


After 20 days of listening to Emperor I don’t have much to report.
I keep a detailed off line journal which I update everyday and sometimes more than once.
I’ve not noticed anything from Emperor.
My goals are aligned to the description of Emperor, and at this point I don’t really know what to do.
I’ve been running 3 loops a day spacing with 1 hour break between the first two in the am, and running the last one late in the afternoon or evening.
Along with Emperor I’ve kept on alternate days 1 loop of Elixir U and 1 loop of Regeneration.

I see that what I’ve achieved with over a month of Elixir and Reg still in action and I feel grateful for that!

Other than that I’m not experience what EmpQ suppose to do (at least in my mind).

I want to introduce LimitDU and see if that helps or switch to Ascended-Mogul.
Maybe it’s me not getting Emperor, or maybe it has to much scripts that my brain is not processing and doesn’t go to the subconscious?

Maybe Ask-Mog would do better since is a lighter sub?
I’ll put the sex part and cognitive on the side right now if that help.
Wealth generation, productivity, keep pushing on my new online biz are priorities at the moment…
along with continuous healing!

Feel free to comment. I’m open to advise!

Thank you, and Peace


In my opinion,it may be due to the fact that you stack healing with emperor.
it may be hard for your subconcious to simultaniously deal with your past issues while at the same time increasing your confidence and productivity.
because when the subconcious is dealing with past issues it does not have resources to also expand your current state(just a theory).
plus emperor is a major title ao how about try just solo emperor without any other stack for a few weeks and see if there is a difference?

also, stack it with rebirth ultima it will accelerate your growth and the subconcioous will more likely accept these messages more.