Subs and fears. Erased or rewritten?


I’d like to start a thread here about fears and subs. How have your subs being dealing with your fears? Are these subs erasing fears or are they just rewriting them into something else?

I ran Ascended Mogul, Regeneration, Rebirth Limit Destroyer, Emperor v3, v4 and now Q. They all have different effects. My current stack is Emp Q, GLM Q and Limit Destroyer Q.

There is this one specific fear that has been holding me back. Now it almost feels gone. Only Emperor Q had that effect. To the point that I am about to start doing the very thing I was scared of. Before Q, I was thinking “Hell no! Not doing it”. Right now, it’s almost hard to even remember why I was scared in the first place. I mean I know why I was scared but I no longer see a valid reason to be scared. Was that fear erased or rewritten by the sub?

What has your experience been?


The way you describe it, it wasn’t your actual fear that was addressed, but rather your perception of its root cause. When it no longer makes sense to be afraid, the fear no longer exists.

For me it’s been a more gradual process. Things that used to make me nervous do so less and less as time goes by until there comes a point when I don’t remember them ever making me nervous.


I agree with at @DarkPhilosopher it will be a gradual process for me as well. It’s one of the main reasons I went back to AscensionQ. To get that foundation and eliminate the fears and blocks that have been keeping me from feeling like a man instead of an overgrown boy