Subs and Addiction


I am very concerned about my friend who is consuming alcohol and smoking a ton of cigs everyday. He is a tough guy, who thinks he knows all best and has absolute no problem with drinking. When he does not change he will soon be in the hospital or worse. However, there is not way to come trough his outer shell. He is in complete denial. He must change from within.

Is there a possibility that your subs could help with that? Could for example Ascension or Regeneration push him to see that he has a problem and so help him overcome his addictions or let him help? Which sub would be best suited for this task.?


From what I know of the way the subs are designed you have to want to change and take action towards that change.

That being said, if it’s an emotional issue something like Regeneration may make it easier to change.


What @Alexander said essentially.

Think of it in terms of a captain and a boat crossing an ocean. Your conscious mind is the captain and your subconscious is the boat. Using subliminals is the difference between a rowboat and an aircraft carrier. One is obviously better equipped to handle the task but neither will do much without willful direction and action. If your friend doesn’t want to make changes then no amount of subliminals will help them.

If your friend does agree to make changes then Regeneration + Rebirth + The Elixir would be the optimal stack. Any combination of the above would presumably deliver the desired effect. The most effective/powerful (and thus the key element) is Regeneration so that’ll be the one to focus on.

Hope that helps! I wish you and your friend all the best. Drug and alcohol addiction is no stranger to me. Be well :slight_smile: