Subliminals VS Visualization

Im curious what everyone’s thoughts are on Subs VS using visualizing before bed to create what you want(neville goddard method) . Is one more effective then the other/more powerful? Both are essentially different ways to try to communicate with your sub c mind so im curious on how they compare. Would love to hear @SaintSovereign thoughts on this as well if possible.


I feel like they really go hand in hand. You can use visualization to shift your life and move it in the way you want it to go while also using subs to help speed up the process a bit more…

You can certainly use one with out the other but to get the best results it is better to combine them… You also want to use both consistently.


How about considering it to be an “and” type of situation and not an “or”? (I recently watched an interview with Gary Vee, so that soundbite is stuck for now but it fits.)

I’ve started visualizing while running my subs, not every time and it’s only a recent thing, but the results have been interesting.

Today, I didn’t get through 5 minutes of HOM before I needed to write down the torrential downpour of ideas that started flowing through my mind on how to solve what I’m currently working on. Really felt like the mastermind component went into full effect.

When you prep for sleep, which do you currently use?


Why can’t you use both?


Visualizing myself achieving the goal of the subs while listening is something I have made a routine of and it definitely makes a difference in terms of results speed, congruency and consistency.

I mean I’m pretty sure (and I could be wrong) this is what the Full version of Ascension Chamber will attempt to teach us to do.