Subliminals for non-native English speakers


I want my wife to start using QL.
She is not a native English speaker and her English is pretty average maybe even average minus. Would she still benefit from using subs? Or she has to have a great English for that to happen?


Well, let’s say you pick a story written for children ages 13-14. By that I mean the sentences aren’t using super-difficult words and aren’t super-long. Not necessarily a children’s story, but just a comfortable, easy read.

Now you read that story out loud to her.

When you get to the end, even if she did not understand every word or sometimes every sentence, can she tell you what the story was about?

If the answer is yes, then the subs will work, but likely slower, since it takes more time/repetition to comprehend what the message is. If she did not, I don’t know. Maybe her subconscious knows English better because it has picked up a lot from TV and other sources, maybe it does not. There is still a lot we don’t know about the subconscious.


Really interesting. Makes me wonder (on a slightly tangential note) what listening to subliminals in any other language might do to help one’s acquisition of that language. Logically, it seems like it might really help.

In other words, listening to Quantum Limitless might actually help your wife’s English to improve. Both because of the Quantum Limitless programming and because of the constant subconscious exposure to the English language itself.

That would be an interesting experiment. I wonder if other non-native English speakers here have found your English becoming more fluent.


Although immersion into a foreign language is one of the better ways to learn said language, you still need context. You learn by watching which words relate to which action or object. Since you don’t have that by listening to a subliminal, I doubt it would do much for learning the language. There may be some words that are picked up by deducing them from the sentence, but only if you understand the rest of the sentence.

PS You may wish to correct your last sentence. I find it funny though.


Thank you for the answer.
In that case, I think QL would fit and she may benefit from it (hopefully no less than I do)


I believe that there’s an acontextual aspect to language that is not insignificant. Musical systems have internal conventions, grammars if you will, that can be learned explicitly or absorbed intuitively just by exposing oneself to enough of that type of music. I believe that language is similar. It’s like what you would call the ‘architecture’, the ‘music’, or the ‘internal structure’ of the language. More about phonemics than about semantics.

I think that sensitivity to and emphasis on this aspect of language is one part of why babies learn languages as organically as they do. They build the architecture first; babbling nonsense syllables that capture the sounds and flow of the language first, and they gradually imbue those sounds and patterns with more and more semantic meaning.

I actually think that if adults employ a similar strategy, we can be much better and faster at learning new languages than we usually assume. And I’ve had some success in applying this method myself. Though I’ve not had enough time to really take it as far as I’d like.

So, yes, I think subliminals could help with that. But I also was not assuming that someone would begin from no prior exposure. I was positing the same kind of listener that you described:

Or, even at a much higher level than that, like some of the people here on this forum. For example, able to read and write very well, but not as comfortable speaking. That’s who my last sentence was referring to. Just wondering if non-native speakers here on the discussion forum had noticed any improvements in fluency.


The language doesn’t matter.

Ultrasonic’s are not even English anymore from my understanding. They took the normal script and changed the script to a frequency not necessarily understandable by the conscious mind. You might here the tone of the ultrasonic’s but the sentences spoken are in such a high pitch it isn’t even English anymore.

From understanding this and if this theory is correct, language doesn’t matter at all. I can also get into further details of the subconscious and how we’re all connected together in a field of consciousness with the subconscious, all of us speaking different languages, our subconscious definitely understands.

There’s a story of a guy speaking a totally other language after having a brain injury from a car accident. Many different occasions like this have happened in the past. The closest your affinity to that certain language to more direct the branch of the tree in your subconscious would be connected to that - making it more powerful and less powerful. Overtime by listening, this connection will be strengthened.

Contradict me if I’m wrong on the ultrasonics.


We have finally discovered Fire’s secret. He has transcoded the ultrasonics into High Valyrian! :wink:

If I take something I say in English and raise it up to ultrasonic frequencies, it is still English. Simple ultrasonics like the ones commonly found on YT can actually be brought back down to audible levels using software, even though it still sounds like they’ve been inhaling helium unless you use special software/hardware. Haven’t tried that with SubClub subs, although I have a suspicion there’s still some kind of masking going on in the ultras to prevent the competition from trying to do exactly what I described.

As for people speaking foreign language without having learned them, some use that as evidence of past life memories, others of cellular memory or genetic memory, and some as indeed some form of cosmic connection.

In normal face-to-face conversation the speaker is giving off a legion of signals as well as brainwaves/energy that may very well be picked up by our subconscious to assist in understanding their meaning and intent. However, subliminals are coded using a computer-generated voice, albeit a more advanced one than the one that comes with your OS. So there’s no subtle energy, no intent, no extra information there. It’s raw ones and zero’s converted into sound.

Hey, who knows? There’s a lot still to be discovered. And it is better to believe in the positive than its opposite.

In either case, the poster has already chosen to get QL, and I’m certain hey and his significant other will benefit from it.