Subliminals and Paretto Principle


Does that principle apply to the use of subs? How do you think, guys?


It wouldn’t surprise me if certain scripting in a sub is more effective than others…but that would be different for each person depending on what they already have in the SubC mind.


I meant rather being exposed to a certain sub for 20% of recommended time to get 80% of the total results. Say; SC suggests listening to a custom for one year, so if I applied that rule and listened to a custom for 70 days instead (which is more or less 20% of the recommended time) would I get around 80% of the total results?


I don’t think the paretto principle would be used thst way. As far as the time listening, if a sub is made to change your thought pattern and create new learnings and behaviors, I think the “building a habit” logic would be more appropriate. :thinking: I do get your point tho!

As far as the paretto principle could be applied, maybe it would be in terms of exposition per day? Let’s say you do 5 hours per day then the first hour would be have the best payoff… But I’m really not sure, it could be in terms of your brain’s processing power.


Hmm…I’m trying to think of a way to think of subs in an 80/20 manner but I just don’t see it.


if 20 % of the actions we take daily are new actions in line with the sub/our goals it will yield 80% of the lasting results we experience on any given sub :man_shrugging:


Thank you. It looks pretty convincing to me. Many of us tend to forget that we have to try to get out of our comfort zone and try to align ourselves with the subs and their objectives. I’m one of them, unfortuantely.


What i did for this year is break it up and then just run subs that will help achieve those goal during the time of the year i wanted to achieve them it worked out even well for the most part