Subliminals and constipation

Does subliminals cause constipation?
Ever since I started subliminals I had constipation…?
Is this related?

Thank you

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Are you properly hydrated?


I am drinking as much as possible what u think I should aim for? 2l 3l?

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@pacman - am having keto diet and that too one meal a day so the morning after isn’t as easy to go to the toilet. So what I do when I wake up is have 2 litres of water in one go. It takes around 10 to 15 mins to drink all that. This solved the constipation issue for me. The rest of the day, I have another 2 liters which brings my daily intake to 4 litres (around a gallon).

Not sure if this will be your style but just letting you know what I do.


So I come to the conclusion that I really need to increase my water intake drastically…one the subs are requiring more water and two the body needs it normal water to function…
Thanks @Lion

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@pacman - you’re welcome, man. Full disclaimer though. Am having loads of water since I have a creatinine issue which requires me to drink atleast 3 litres of water a day. But drinking upto 4 litres of water per day is quite safe.

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Based on the timing, another theory could be that due to the pandemic you might’ve been:

  1. Changing your habits and diet
  2. More stressed
  3. Moving about/exercising less

Those things will cause constipation as well, so you might want to look into that too if any of those apply to you


I’ll second that exercise seems to help

Also if you don’t mind it a good coffee always seems to move things along :laughing:

You could up fiber (plus water), drink senna tea (moderation), take softeners, etc if it becomes unbearable.

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I’m trying to increase water first and see what happens from there on…

There are things that will definitely help you and are very healthy.

Half a liter of celery only juice. Might give you some pain the first time. If you don’t want that pain go with 300ml first time.

Two half liters of watermelon juice on two different occasions. First half liter won’t work but would definitely alkaline everything in your digestive system and blood which is very beneficial.

Epsom salt, one big spoon in glass of water. Make sure it is food grade and high quality. Important: Check that it mentions on the package that you can drink it, don’t trust what staff of the shop would say.

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Thanks alot @robin_hut

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Watermelon and coconut water = tastiest way to rehydrate.

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I tried coconut water …yes it’s very refreshing and has electrolytes as well