SubliminalGuy's Dragon Reborn Journal


I picked DR up today.

Listened to the first loop over an hour ago. I napped well while listening. No obvious reactions or changes showed–but that dismisses the nice nap :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

I felt a desire to do another loop (not normal for me) and I’m listening to it now


Super excited to read. Seeing people grab this up is making me want it. I’ve got a fuck ton of healing to do but I want to hold off.


I look forward to this digging deep and changing my mental/emotional foundation. I’m relaxing again here while listening.

Which is good. I watched a video sharing panic, worry, and fear about COVID news emerging 10 minutes ago. This is exactly why I don’t watch news. It kept me “afraid”, mostly due to imagining worst-case scenarios. No kidding.

I plan on listening to St1 for 30 days, then moving on to St2, etc. I’ve hung on to St1’s on both Kahn and EOG, but stopped there. I want to practice getting out of my own way and moving forward.

Main goal: being nicer to myself, whether I’m remembering something from the past, or if I’m facing something in my present.


Digging deep, the best way to go my man.
You’ve got this. Feel free to tag me if you need to vent or anything dude.

The news is the worst. Try to avoid it as much as possible as I genuinely believe it brings negative programming it - which I guess DR and Khan will reject if you’ve used them and they get stronger, right?

Did you not move onto Khan Stage 2 or further?

Be kind to yourself dude. You’ve got this.


Every time I read “fuck ton”, I laugh. I understand the internal battling.

Encouragement: you haven’t quit. You’re admitting the battle within–but the battle’s not over.

From a thread posted here last month, failure is only when we quit. It’s good to know you’re still going forward, even if you don’t see it like that. Your presence here encourages me, and undoubtedly, others too.


Nope. I got sidelined by a shit-ton of fear, guilt, and doubt rising. It was reconciliation, looking back. Recon is pretty sneaky, but predictable, in how it pulls us away from things changing us.


I’m considering pairing this with Elixer in the morning. I love masked versions for several reasons, but mostly, it requires I limit my attention (to what I’m hearing). I haven’t used ultrasonic a lot with Q since tracks have much more power than previous generations.


No idea why I said a fuck ton but it’s definitely a lot aha. My brain is telling me to buy DR now that I’m thinking about it :joy:

Thanks for the encouragement man, need it for sure. Definitely ain’t over and it won’t be.

Yeah I ain’t down for failure. I’ll continually trying - as will you brother. I’m proud of you for picking this up and working on yourself.

Thanks for the compliment man, means the most. I’ve kept myself to myself but for once taken action to reach out amongst the others here and it’s been beneficial for sure.

That’s truly understandable man and it hits the best of us. Well I’m going to keep you accountable for whatever you’re willing to work on and making sure you stick with it dude.

The change your making is going to be worth when and beneficial for you - no matter how scary it may be and how much it might hurt you in the process - you’ll come out cometely transformed on the other side.


Good call Brother! I hope this makes the internal changes that you’ve been trying to make for so long. At this point, I think I’ll be joining you at the beginning of the year when I’m done with my six months on Dominus (ascension custom). If I go with it, I plan to take a full year on it. Hopefully, name embedding in regular titles is out by then.


Thank you so much Brandon :slight_smile:


Ultrasonic give you faster and more pronounced results but less “permanent” I would stick to Masked.


I can’t say that I’ve noticed a difference either way in terms of “permanance”


I didn’t mention, I just repeated what Saint of Fire said. Sorry, but cannot find the reference.


I look forward to reading your DR journal when you begin!


I’m the one who has a fuck ton


@subliminalguy Proud of you bro. I will be following your journal


And you’ve said it so often I don’t even flinch. It’s just a cultural thing.

Reminds me of the first time I watched Good Will Hunting. Tons of rough language, but 15 minutes in, all I heard was their message. That movie had me in tears when Robin Williams, his therapist, got courageous with Matt Damon, telling him “it isn’t your fault” again and again. Both had been abused as children. Will (Damon) even wanted to swing on him since…people often misuse one’s vulnerability. Will took the open door he saw right in front of him, and wept. Hard.

He broke through his barrier of believing no one cared. His therapist did since he’d experienced the same abuses.

I’ve pulled that movie up multiple times over the years, and it still makes me cry.

Believing I’m alone with my shit is one of my largest unspoken “limits”. Initially when I saw DR’s sales pitch, I thought it a superpowered limit destroyer. It may be.


We’re in this together man.


Thanks James. I’ve been reading yours today


Day 2

Woke up knowing another loop was not needed. It reminded me of beginning Stark Terminus. I remember feeling a bit full since stuff was still processing, but pushing through and playing a loop anyway. I burnt out on StarkT, but I remember the lesson.

I’m allowing the 2 loops I played last night to process.

The little BIG victory for me is I wasn’t owned by fears of other’s opinions of me. Making my own choice without those hangups is a major emotional first!