Subliminal to help focus for the advanced driving test


A friend of mine is planning to do his advanced driving course with an exam at the end.

Which subliminal would you recommend he buys ? Limitless ? Or Spartan ?

Keep in mind he needs to focus mentally and have good hand eye coordination as well beable to have an eye for detail.


Limitless should take care of this. Just make sure he studies too.


Thanks he will be driving everyfay on the cpurse.

Will Spartan help in anyway ?. As the drivibg will involve braking, turning sharp corners driving high speed etc


Depends on what he’s applying for. If the test requires physicality, yes, Spartan will help him in the gym and any other strengthening routine he does.


Gaming Mastery X. :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:


Taking note of this thread - really very interested in how a subliminal can improve motor-coordination. It would greatly help people who suffer from dyspraxia (the physical form of dyslexia).


I’m also curious and will follow this thread, a question I have is can the subs remove my fear from driving coz I’ve had it since a long time, fear of anything fast ex roller coasters and hence I imagine myself driving really carefully and slowly which seems kinda stupid especially when people will be honking behind me


I think limitless can help you focus whilst driving and put the doubts and fears aside because when we lose focus thats when our doubts and fears kick in. Whether limitless improves motor coordination I do not know.


It might even be worthwhile depending on requests to have a subliminal that amplifies motor coordination for those who operate complex machinery.


Yes, I would love a driving weapon X. Heighten skills to elite profressional level.


Driving, dancing, ball-games - they all present a problem to people with poor motor-coordination. Some of it is due to one being at a certain point of the autistic spectrum - dyspraxia, autism, ADHD etc. I suspect I am dyspraxic since I have had many of the symptoms since I was born but I don’t think it benefits me to get a diagnosis at my age.

E.g. for dyspraxia there is a problem with imagination due to a wrong positioning of the Mind’s eye.

If only there is a subliminal to address this fundamental problem which affects motor-coordination… think about how many lives would change especially for the younger ones. Think of all the people who can regain their self-confidence after being able to dance, drive and play sports effectively.


Is he joining the World Rally Championship or becoming a VIP chauffeur?


He works for the police.


I’d recommend Limitless, Spartan and Gaming Mastery X.


Did your friend pass the advanced driving course with the help of Limitless or Spartan?


Without it :slight_smile: