Subliminal that got you the most lays


As the title says, I’m wondering which subliminal got you the most lays, Obviously depending on your experience, it would be easier or it would take some work with the help of the subliminal. For me it seems for some reason I look unapproachable(female friend opinion), I seem to not have that 'It" factor(my observation). I’ve been running primal for a while and it does help in some ways but I’m starting to get discouraged by the amount of work I’d have to put in to get them to feel comfortable enough. I wonder if I added something like emperor or ascension, it would give me that VIP/status feeling to where they might feel more comfortable with me. I’m 24 if that helps in anyway. I usually get looks and the most I got when running the competitor’s previous version of the attraction subliminal and I have to say this, it did work for me at the time and I saw blatant results but I had a lot of internal issues and it made me feel like crap almost everyday and that affected my work so I had to stop it. I see a lot of increased lays from emperor but I’ve also seen that it makes you less social so not sure how that works.