Subliminal/Supercharger to get in touch with Bodily Sensations


Hi there,

Was wondering if anybody knows the best subliminal/supercharger to allow one to get in touch with his bodily sensations in order to change one’s feelings about it?

As Above So Below? Legacy? No budget for Alchemist at the moment and I am running Ascended Mogul/QL ST1 for now until I get my new job.



In what way are you aiming to change your body’s feelings?


Using my mind to change my body’s feelings. I mean that I want to feel happy and positive about things through my bodily sensations.

Or perhaps it’s a matter of blocked chakras, I don’t know.


To clarify, do you wish to feel happy in general or feel happy about your body?


Feeling the senses of happiness through the body, and not just thinking “I am Happy!”


My suggestion would be a healing sub so something like Regeneration and/or The Elixir


Ok thank you