Subliminal Suggestion for Shyness


Hello everybody
I am new to this website and finally heard about Subliminal club from youtube
I wanted you guys to suggest me which subliminal should i use
So i consider myself shy , introvert since childhood. but i am okay with giving presentation and talking with people who are friends. but as i moved to a different country where i dont speak the language . it has become difficult for me to have friends and make new friends. I feel mostly lonely at university. i want to be sociable and not be overthinker and overanalyser
I also want to become good with girls and lose my V card at last
so for me
is Primal + Aura good to get good results ?
please suggest


Why not Daredevil ?


Primal, Aura and Daredevil are good and would seem like the obvious choices. But I would also strongly recommend Ascension and Rebirth and even Regeneration. Here is why. Shyness has deeply rooted causes often buried in childhood. You were not born shy. It’s a frame of mind you acquired while going through life. It has become your natural reaction in some situations due to previous trauma or previous difficult situations. A big part of your shyness issues is tied to self esteem issues.

A sub like Daredevil will help you become more social but is it addressing underlying self esteem and self image issues?

You have moved to a different country. I’ve been through my share of living in a different country and I can tell you I know that when you’re painfully shy (like I was), the best thing you can do is to learn to assert yourself in social situations. You will inevitably face racism and shit like that. Trust me, being more social if you’re not alpha is just going to turn you into an easygoing doormat.

Here is what I would recommend :

  1. Learn the language fast. For that use Limitless.
  2. Learn to assert yourself in social situations. Racism and xenophobia have a way to destroy your self-worth. For that use Ascension.
  3. Use Rebirth and maybe Regeneration to deal with those past experiences that turned you into a shy person.
  4. Sanguine might be a good one to help you keep your composure in stressful situations that all immigrants have to face.

At one point of my life I was a very shy person living in a foreign country and I also had to deal with the language barrier. I just wish SubClub was around back then.
As an immigrant, it is critical that you learn how to assert yourself and make people respect you first. You’ll make friends later. If you don’t even speak the language and you’re trying to make friends, you could find yourself in situations where people you thought are your friends are just trying to take advantage of you and you’re so shy that you won’t even say anything.

I hope this help.


I would recommend Primal as a starter.