Subliminal Recommendations

Hi everybody,
I am new in the sub and wanting some recommendations on what subliminal (s) would meet my needs.
I am wanting to gain more self confidence, be assertive and able to express my thoughts and ideas across without overthinking/self doubting. My goal is to move forward in my career. I am wanting to move to a new industry. My main issue is that i do not perform well during interviews ( especially phone/video and presentations).

In summary:
Be confident
Be assertive
Excellent presentation skills and body language
Be able to express oneself, ideas and thoughts
Able to perform under pressure, stay calm, composed and collected.
Stop overthinking/self doubt.

I have purchased Ascended Mogul recently, but i want to get Daredevil as well. Are these suitable for my goal?
Let me know of your recommendations/feedback. Thank you.

Also, can i play masked version using loud speaker via mobile phone or does it lose its effectiveness? Im not too keen on ultrasonic at this stage.


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Welcome, @vincezam. Ascended Mogul and Daredevil are excellent choices for your goals. You can play them both one after another but start with one loop of each.

And when you get used to this, you can increase the number of loops by one approximately every week or when you Intuitively feel is the right time for you.

And yes, you can play Masked tracks over speakers.

All the best and wishing you success!

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Thanks for the advice. Just one quick question. Which combination do you reckon ia better, ascended mogul + Daredevil OR ascended mogul + stark?

Thank you in advance. Much appreciated.

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@vincezam - if you are playing StarkQ, that would be enough by itself. It makes you a very social alpha who gains wealth using his intelligence.

StarkQ is much more than Ascended Mogul + Daredevil. But the advantage of the older subs like Ascended Mogul is that they act faster. But then again, if you add Ascended Mogul to StarkQ, it will work but since two is more than one, it will again take longer and you have to take more action.

My recommendation is to start with one in your situation. Here are some choices based on what you desire:

Choice 1:
First Month: Ascended Mogul
Second Month: Ascended Mogul + Daredevil

Choice 2:
First Month: Ascended Mogul
Second Month: Ascended Mogul + StarkQ

Choice 3:
StarkQ all the way

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Thanks Raphael for your recommendations. Have you by any chance, have any insights into it? I read from several articles that low level of confidence in specific areas are caused by previous bad/ experiences. Apparently, this is what Regeneration aims to fix.

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@vincezam - happy to help.

I have not used Regeneration long enough to say anything about it (or don’t remember it too well) but I know that StarkQ worked excellent for me since it made me very social, confident and boosted my sense of humor. I had not purchased Ascended Mogul or Daredevil either so won’t be right person to review them.

A better way to find out is to look through the journal section to read about other people’s experiences and what they used. There are loads of them here and am sure enough in them to bear testimony to the power of the subs you are interested in.

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Usually I feel like spending lots of time “healing” might not be the best course of action.

When you run subliminals, you usually want some small changes to start some kind of wheel where yoir results gets better and better over time! I’d say : start with a strong subliminal adjust the amount of loops by trial and error and go with the flow. I guess it depends on your type of personnality, but yeah, go on and read some journals out here!

@Lion’s suggestions are great for you!


Thank you for the suggestions. Its been a month or so since I started using Ascended Mogul. I feel that there has been some improvements in my confidence level, but it may take a while to move up to the next level. After all, good things take time to cultivate.

I hope that all is well with you.

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Ive been reading through the comments and journals and I must say that there are lots of interesting results.

You are right that too much healing may be counter productive. @Lion has been very helpful with his recommendations. Ascended Mogul has been great so far, however based on my issues mentioned above, what subs do you guys think are the best to fix my issues?


ascension or emperor :slight_smile:

Emperor is a strong game changer if you want to feel the change :muscle::wink: