Subliminal module recommendation

Is there any module that would push me to take conscious actions?

No. you gotta provide a minimum of action-taking

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Emperor Black did that for me. I agree with Palpatine here you atleast have to take one step towards the action you want to take.
For example, if your goal is to study, atleast seat down and open your book. If you want to exercise then atleast take out your equipment or go to gym basically depending on what you’re doing take the first step towards that action.

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Can I add a productivity module in my physical shifting custom?

Yes. The Extreme Exercise Motivation module


Establishing your daily routines, setting goals and Carpe Diem, for example. I would go with Ascension or Ascended Mogul, however.



Sounds like you need a subliminal to do the work for you)

Try running executive as a sub

But there a few good productivity modules

You could try productivity unleashed, victory’s call, machine action, extreme exercise motivation

Run genesis if you can …. Seems like a great get your ass in action sub.

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