Subliminal limits?


Is there a limit for subliminals? For example, subliminals can change your body making you want to go to the gym and train hard, but subliminals could make something really hard like reversing baldness? or cure a genetic syndromes? can they change your dna or there is this limit?


The Subliminal limit is dependent on the hard code of the Collective Unconscious. As the Collective starts to evolve and adapts belief systems, more will be possible. There are many layers to the unconscious but the outside layer for us is the Collective Unconscious, your Personal Unconscious may also be influencing your limits.

Your Higher Self, which is a part of your Unconscious Mind decides which programming you’re allowed to adjust. Something which isn’t for your highest and greatest good most probably won’t be allowed or accepted. Yet we have free will, but some things are set in stone and destined, which doesn’t mean it cannot change or adapt depending on your highest and greatest good for learning and evolving in the endless cycle of experience.


Is there a way to “talk” with your higher self? For example i read that with meditation you can link with him


Depends on your definition of talking. It is possible to communicate with the subconscious mind on a conceptual level, where you are able to translate what it’s saying into things you can understand (and vice versa).

But bi-directional communication with your higher mind?

It is supposedly the non-corporeal part of you that sits between the universe and you and is aware of your life’s purpose because it is not bound by time (so it would know your perfect future and how to get there).

It can’t talk to you per se, but if you are on the right path, it will send you synchronicities and similar weird coincidences.

There are people that claim to receive guidance while in deep trance states, but even then its not a real conversation, it happens in things like visions or dreams telling you where to go.

Certain esoteric practices have rituals to communicate with the higher mind. Practicing with a pendulum for example. If done correctly, it is the higher mind that steers the body into giving you an answer. But once again, these practices use tools too “translate” what the higher mind gives off. You’re opening up a channel and entering into as much of a receptive state as possible.

If your mind is blank and the question is clear, the message has a chance of coming across. What format the message takes is the mystery.


@clancygilroy i believe subs can reverse baldness i know one company who has already made a breakthrough in reversing hair loss using subliminal products. SC’s new technology is forever evolving I believe they will soon come up with a reverse balding product.


I hope every male in my family is bald i’m afraid for my hair ahahah


I think that the short simple answer is that we don’t know. Subliminals made in the last couple of years are doing things that we couldn’t dream of years ago, and they’re likely to keep advancing. I’m sure that there are things that can’t be done with a subliminal, but we don’t yet know what those are.


I think it may also depend on the physiological point of view. for example, physiologically speaking, having a head full of hair starting from bald is possible. circulation should be stimulated, dht removed from the scalp or make hair resistant to it. it is difficult but not impossible. subliminals that promise to make you fly are impossible for me, but simply because our body cannot fly like superman. I hope to be proved wrong one day, but for now I think that the level of subliminals as we know them cannot allow us to fly or shoot lasers from the eyes.