Subliminal for Relocating/Change of Environment


Hi guys,

I’m wondering if a currently toxic and de-motivating home and external environment is pushing me down and reinforcing all my limiting beliefs and I am finding it hard to move out of my comfort zone.

I would really love to relocate and live in another country to start life afresh, buy some property to live in, make new friends as well as restart my career there. I have been had been running Ascended Mogul, Emperor as well as EoG over these months, but the focus has been on building up my business so that I could get financial freedom.

However, I am really tired of staying in my existing environment - I get demotivated and drained everyday - and would really like to go and live/work overseas again. I am willing to give up building up a business empire and just progressing as an employee overseas .

Also, my skills and experience are a bit too specialized, and right now having been struggling as a self-employed person for a substantial period of time, I don’t have the confidence finding a job overseas either.

I would like some advice here - should I just go and run Ascended Mogul for this purpose of securing employment overseas? Or should I run Emperor v3 ? My instinct seems to point to Emperor v3 as a better bet and I don’t think I need Khan or EoG to help me at this stage of my life given these priorities?


I think you are running way too many subliminals at once. If i was you i would start with Emperor.

Run Emperor for at least 3 month’s. At the same time decide on a strategy. Break ot dowm into baby steps.

For example if you wanted to move overseas. Which country would i want to move too ?. If so would i need to learn the native tongue of that country. If so why not begin by taking a language course ?.

Next question would i like that country ?. Would it worth my while spending a few weeks there on holiday to get a feel for the place ?.

Next might be if you like the country start applying for jobs or learn a new skill that would make you more employable etc.


Thanks. I didn’t run all those subliminals at once - more like Ascended Mogul for 1 month, then Emperor for 1 month and then tried out Khan and EoG in June before deciding that I would just take a break from subliminals for a while.

Some things did seem to happen when I was running those subliminals in the earlier stages but I guess my mistake was not being consistent and wanting to just keep on trying out more powerful subliminals.

I should just stick to Emperor for 3 months with perhaps a little bit of Limitless (hopefully Quantum Limitless comes out soon) .


Emperor has Limitless in it. No need to run both


Yes, like @blackadder said, break down your problem into small steps, and see which tools can help with each of these steps.

If I wanted to move and work oversea, I’d need

  • money to be able to travel there and live there comfortably for a while
  • luck and opportunities to find the right gateway
  • and the ability to make good friends there

I think you can work on both first points at once while applying to jobs oversea and expending as much as possible your network. Look for old classmates that may be oversea, connect with people on LinkedIn, etc. In these kinds of situation, luck is really important. I’d look for a subliminal that help with manifestation. Manifesting the right job, right opportunities, right people to help you move there, etc.
If you’re serious about it I suggest to work with LOA and also meditation cuz that thing empowers all your manifestations.