Subliminal for Burnout & Exhaustion


Lately I’ve been struggling with burnout. I was using the motivating subliminal Mogul Ascended. And it works, I have a desire to want to work and push myself. But lately it feels like my body and nervous system just can’t handle the push anymore. I’ve had to actually take a break from the subliminal and just rest.

My gas tank feels empty, I’m anxious, restless and have trouble sleeping lately.

What is the closest subliminal to helping recharging my batteries, emotionally, mentally and physically so I can get back to my go-getter self?



Don’t add another sub and don’t forget to take breaks and keep your loops on a minimum of 3. It’s the reconciliation, it’s a bitch no lie but know that the sub is working and something is changing. Mine just ended like 2 min ago lols.


I agree with this. Learning that rest is important for sure.

My body has been exhausted due to lack of sleep and due to too much exposure (using Terminus) and rest is definitely necessary.


Definitely reconciliation. Make sure that you are taking break here and there and don’t push yourself too hard with the subs. My body became heavy and I lost all appetite and motivation when I ran the subs for more than 20hrs a day. The recommendation used to be 16 hours a day maximum but with the new technology I think that number should be lower.


yes. much lower.

If you’re using the Q titles, take a break. And let your bodymind rest.

Just to clarify though. When you say you’re struggling with burnout, do you mean burnout specifically related to subliminal use?


whats the recommend loops per program on Q? @Malkuth


1 loop to start with, and then working up from there. It’s much denser.

Search for posts by @SaintSovereign. He describes it a number of times.


There’s one statement from @SaintSovereign. There are quite a few more.

The estimate he gave when the Q titles were first introduced is that for single stage programs 1 Q loop = 6 loops of the older version; for multi-stage programs 1 Q loop = 3 loops of the older version.

Bottom line is 1 to 2 loops of the Q version will probably equal what you were doing before.

Also, just as with everything in nature, there seems to be an optimal zone. Less than or more than that and there may be a diminishing returns situation. (That is conjecture. But the point is that more does not necessarily mean better.)


Thanks @Malkuth


I was regarding more so towards to burnout generally, overall fatigue; i need something that will help the rest & recovery process go smoother and faster so I can be sharp again.

Emperor Fitness & Regeneration seemed like the closest options to those, so I’ve started to give them a try.


Spartan has a nice endurance aspect to it, both physically and emotionally.

But at the same time, if you feel like this, it might be your subconscious telling you something major is not in line with what you want, that you might need to change something. You usually don’t burn out while doing what you really want be doing.