Subliminal club vs other subliminal on youtube


I bought ascended mogul and Im wondering how these subliminal from subliminal club work compared to subliminal you find on YouTube? What are the affirmations for ascended mogul? I don’t understand these modules and how they work.


Youtube subliminals are usually just affirmations that are then masked or ultra’d by freely available software. I can make them on my old laptop. I can even decode them to hear the voice speaking. They can certainly be effective if the person writing them has done their research, but they usually do one small thing.

Professional subliminals like the ones SubClub create use dozens of pages of suggestive statements (like a cross between affirmations and hypnotic scripting) that are written in such a way that they all work together to achieve a very large goal, run through an engine that ensures the voice-track is clear, possibly using techniques to be able to run more script in less time, then processed by a badass computer (yes, they use Macs, but I’ll forgive them that oversight :wink: ) and extensively tested before release. It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to do that.

Are there people on YouTube that have the experience and technological know-how to create expert subs and willingness to share them for free after spending days if not weeks creating them? Likely, but the odds of finding them are small.

The many pages that make up the script for Ascended Mogul is not shared, mostly because of all the work that went into them. My guess is it’s not so much because it’s all a secret, but because if they share it, other subliminal companies will re-use it to make money from SubClub’s hard work. Or people that don’t know what they are doing will do something wrong and get negative or no effects from them while blaming SubClub. You’ll just have to read people’s journals as well as the description and trust that SubClub has your best interest at heart in creating their subs.

Don’t put too much energy in understanding the modules. They are like the different pieces of the puzzle that make up Ascended Mogul. In the end, you get 1 file that contains all those pieces in the right order, so you don’t need to know which piece goes where.



I have a quite powerful Windows machine too :stuck_out_tongue:


nice thanks for the insight :slight_smile: