Sub to help with stuttering?


@SaintSovereign, @Fire : Have you ever thought of creating a sub that would help with stuttering? That is one psychosomatic condition that turns a lot of people life in hell. It’s cause for low self esteem, bullying in school and a lot of other things.
I know that would be a very niche product but could you keep that in mind?


Why not try something like Quantum Limitless Stage 1? It helps with the rewiring of the brain and the physical damages as well, so it works in the most optimal condition and I would guess that would help a lot with stuttering.


Psychosomatic conditions like stuttering, pains like headaches, and others have different causes. Some can be caused by low self esteem, trauma, previous illness and much more.
Trying to make an all-in-one cure for stuttering would be difficult without trying to solve the various issues causing it.
I would suggest to first determine the reason why someone is stuttering and then see if any existing sub is available. Now, if there isn’t, then maybe we can ask for one.