Sub to control our own thoughts

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Asking for a sub recommendation.

In your experience which subliminal help with controlling our owns thoughts. Let me explain: sometimes our problems come from having mental chatter that we cannot control or idea that we cannot force (think mental diet from Neville Goddard). Or feeling sad and being overwhelmed by all emotions.

I am looking for a subliminal that does (almost) just that. Any idea?


I am not sure about controling your own thoughts and such but for mind chatter RoM, Genesis, Sanguine, SE, basically any title that will calm the mind will work on mind chatter.


holding a singular idea in the mind for prolonged periods of time, allowing you to truly understand the object of your thought.

This is one of the objectives of RoM. I think it implies what you’re asking.

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Genesis & LBFH

I’m a Neville lover myself and have noticed my mental diet has cleaned up so much since LBFH. Just added Genesis this stack and it’s the bees knees.

I shift states very quickly now.

It’s simply not acceptable to think unlovingly towards myself or another.

Overcrowding the mind with love and joy helps me dissolve the crap.

Edit: humour helps too. LBFH had me experiencing laugh attacks. Mid fight laughter. :joy:


How do you do that? :thinking:

Controlling your thoughts for what purpose?


When you have negative thoughts, being able to control them and change them how you want.


@SaintSovereign : There has been an increase if people asking for a sub that can help with mental chatter. I remember opening a thread in that. A few people have suggested that RoM could be the way to go.

If you don’t mind, can you drop a quick line to let us know which subs can help achieve stillness of mind?

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Waiting for saint’s answer but isn’t sanguine for this?

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Thank you for clarifying. What do you think about Sanguine or Sanguine The Elixir at the main shop?


Some sort of mental reframing would be cool

Automatic perception shift.

To not be bothered by “negative” thoughts as they pass on by like clouds in the sky and carry on with your day remembering who you are and what you’re about.

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From what I’ve used LBFH, has that in its description -stopping that unwanted mental chatter. I just started listening to it again. Traded out CFW for LBFH.

Chosen From Within definitely seems to have helped me with that. There are times when I’m like wow, my mind is quiet. I’ve been running Chosen From Within and Chosen and that combo I’ve been noticing this.

Well they don’t go to the direction of controlling or handling.

Something I noticed also here is that good subliminal results don’t come necessarily from being smarter and more open-minded. I feel we are all open-minded here, as we are listening to audio water to change ourselves.

I think good results with subliminal come mainly from being able to notice subliminal impact, and feeding a feedback loop results->beliefs->convince subconscious->results. Therefore the recommendation to journal is to feed this feedback loop.

However recommendation to journal is not enough because if you are not skilled to notice the right things in your mind process, journaling is useless. What is behind journaling is to recognise how your mind react, its process and how subliminal impact you to again build trust in the process and go into the feedback loop.

Putting all this together, what I am looking for is a sub/module that help to interrupt, recognise my though process, understand its pattern, being able to alter though pattern and put more conscious control into them.

I guess it is ROM. However, I am curious if a module would do the same.

I would encourage you to enter a support ticket for a thorough answer.

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I think Mind’s Eye is what I’d go with. I’d customize it of course. But then there’s Revelation of Mind now, also.

Some modules of interest and inspiration can be found in this journal

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