Sub to cleanse my soul and become a new

Currently am facing the darkest phase of life, I went back to porn addiction and looking for any erotic contents my eyes can grab. I looking for a a sub that will keep me busy, retain my semen and learn new things in life.
Sexual subs like PS and Wanted seems to make the matters worse.


Maybe GLM, maybe dragon, maybe titles like RoM or RoS, what have you tryed in those titles?


Firstly, Ascension ZPv2.

For secondary, runner-up choices:

Regeneration/Elixir/Sanguine (First two, great combo. The latter works well with anything, such as Ascension.

Tertiary: Primal (this one is more ‘risky’ but could work well for directing that sexual desire).

Lastly (not necessarily in consideration or ability): Emperor

Search up Emperor. Plenty of users, myself included, have quit:

• Smoking

• Porn

• Social Media

And more.


Have you ever tried the easy-peasy method? Literally, nothing would work for me until I found someone else talking about it on this forum and now I feel blessed because it shows you the truth of the situation. Can I send you a link?


Thanks man but to be sincere it didn’t work for me as much as I taught.

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I have to try Godlike masculinity.

Either stack LBFH and Ascension or LBFH and GLM. Then sign up for a hardcore fitness class or hardcore martial art.

Agree with the suggestions here, and want to suggest adding another component…


Track something every day that’s tied to a bigger goal and that has a direct correlation to the behavior you intend to change…so you can see your progress, and where you slip.

That’s the strategy. It works.


You’ll have to figure out what that “thing” to track is (that you can do easily every day either first thing or before bed), but to get specific…

For example, in your case, I might suggest tracking your daily screen time. It could tie into a bigger goal like getting jacked or learning to kick ass or becoming a master seducer, whatever you want. So all you’d have to do is get to the end of the day, calculate how much time you were staring at a screen, how much time you spent on your goal, and whether you were porn-free. Then, write it down. That’s it.

Over the passing days, weeks, and months you’d be able to look back and you might see that on the days you spent less time on your screen you put more time into your goal, and vice versa. Or, you might notice something even more interesting as you go through the process.

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CFW+RoS would do, mate.


Killing my porn addiction was a very hard process for me but it is very doable, especially with subs. What has helped me:

  1. Abstain from very sexual subs in the beginning.

  2. Find the reason why you look at porn. When you get the urge, dont fight it or feed into it, but just observe it. Find out what emotion is truly behind the urge, and then find what is causing that emotion. Mine was sadness and after some deep introspection it was caused by years of rejection and thinking I was never good enough.

  3. Find very clear non sexual goals and focus on them.

  4. If you dont have a lot of female friends, get some. Mainly platonic ones, this has helped me get used to being around and interacting with feminine energy in general. Plus its helped me reframe my views of women, to the point where they are human beings that deserve to be treated with respect, not what porn makes them out to be. Down the road

  5. I saw a lot of good suggestions sub wise and I would recommend GLM and LBFH. Ascension is also a good one too, as well as Spartan. Emperor is very good but I even struggled with it in the beginning because it can have a strong sexual edge for some users.


This is what I have to do at the moment. I run wanted only because of its physical shifting, but the seduction part am not too interested , I wish there a sub for physical shifting without the seduction aspect.

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Well have I got good news for you! So there is a sub called The Legacy, it was originally a supercharger for Spartan. Well now it has been confirmed by Saint himself that it is getting a huge update, to include the physical shifting. That is basically what a lot of people including myself has been wanting for a good while. Also it doesnt have the seduction scripting. As of this time, we have no idea when its being released.

Check out the Updates to Older Programs Main Dev. Thread for more info.


Let us wait and see what it got.

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AscMogul has anti-porn scripting in it confirmed by Saint. I would post that quote here but I don’t know how. It’s in the Unofficially FAQs thread.

I plan on running that + Limit Destroyer myself after I finish this last cycle in my stack.

I feel you on this. I’m 90 days in, but I’m still struggling with looking at photos and twerk videos. Non-nudity though

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No problem man, I would like to add i’d listen to it as the last thing i hear before bed so it would go in my memory better.

As a side note, I was also on a stack of Emperor, regeneration and elixir.

The second part to the strategy was drilling down to root causes…

In a journal, i would write, ‘What objections do i have to quitting?’ and then when an answer came up,

I would keep asking why after every answer to drill down, sometimes you need to ask ‘what does that mean’ to sum things up. Usually that would bring up strong emotions to let go of using elixir and regen.

Hope this helps, it’s only a matter of strategy, best of luck!


It seems Primal is helping me with this, but I’ve never been heavily addicted… Also in goes is waves, sometimes I get strong urges instead


Primal has also helped me out with this, honestly it does a really good job at maturing and healing me sexually. I have it in my Elixir of Masculinity custom alongside Chosen and Ascension and it’s doing wonders for me.

@SWITCH Primal is another good option, but add it to your stack after you get your porn addiction under control. It’s worked for me as well.

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This one? I wouldn’t necessarily call this anti-porn. Also, it’s from 4 years ago. The scripting could have changed since then. Also,

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Interesting how the general consensus on this forum seems to be that porn is extremely bad for results, yet there is no title to address this specifically

Am I missing something here?

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There is module in a Q store specificaly for this.