Sub timing before dates


Here’s an interesting question I haven’t seen before, and especially now with Q power I’m curious your thoughts.

Now that we realize these Q titles need time to process, i.e. silent tracks, one loop a day, rest days.

Do you think it’s advantageous to play a powerful Q sub before a date, or will your subconscious be processing and cause one to not be fully there on said date?

I remember I used to run primal iron throne and a sex mastery right before dates like last year, and it was great.


The thing with primal is it makes your sex urges very strong so it depends can you control your urges while you’re on a date if that makes sense. I’ve tried primal and don’t get me wrong it’s good and effective you just to be ready for the urges and trust they hit after day 2-3. As for sex mastery if you’re listening to it before a date and you know you will get in bed with that person when you listened to it then yeah for it and it will like a charm. Personally I would recommend using StarkQ because there’s no urges and it feels natural for you.
Hope that helped:)