Sub suggestion... Emperor or...?



I’ve been running emperor for a month or so and it’s been great. It’s led to great confidence, status and a lot of reflection.

From this reflection I’ve come to understand what I want currently in my life.

That is; to succeed and go far in my career (which involves managing others, growing businesses, and is largely focus on sales)

In addition to this I want a fun and active social life… great people in my circle where I find socialising fun and making friends is easy. Being the type of guy people respect and love being around.

Here’s my question… what stack would you recommend?

From what I understand Emperor is not career focused and also does not have the social aspect.

I was thinking ascended mogul and daredevil with the true social multiplier.

Any thoughts/adjustments/additions to make?



Emperor does have a social aspect. However what emperor does is it helps you focus on achieving your goals. So thar might involve sacrificing or cutting out people in your life who are time wasters or bring you zero value. Or those who might present a hurdle when working towards yiur goals.

You could stack daedevil with emperor. Or if you want take things to the next level try Khan.

Personally i would run with emperor for at least 3 month’s.


I think a great idea is sticking to Emperor alone for maximum benefits, and adding True Social for the social aspects.


This is difficult. Given your requirements, Emperor isn’t the one I would have picked. But @AMASH is correct in that you should give it some more time to work. The sub will adapt to your goals where possible and may end up doing exactly what you needed, maybe even in a way you didn’t realize you needed. This doesn’t prevent you from experimenting with some combinations.

You have all four scenarios that would be recommended.

  1. Ascended Mogul + DareDevil (+ True Social Optional)
  2. Emperor + DareDevil
  3. Emperor + True Social
  4. Khan

From what has been reported about Emperor, you are correct. It is more focused on making you build your empire with you on top. And it can be a bit lonely on top. So the reports do state that people on Emperor cast off the social aspects that aren’t directly needed to help them grow, as @blackadder already states.

Khan is more social and sexual and building whatever empire is necessary to support that lifestyle. Had you asked a month ago, AMASH would have likely answered Khan all the way. Apparently he’s quite impressed by True Social.

DareDevil and True Social are all about making friends and networking.

Up until now, my recommendation given your scenario has been Ascended Mogul and DareDevil, but True Social does open up some unknowns that may enable new possibilities and we’d love to see reports on how well it works in combination with Emperor.

First, consider for yourself if you are willing to give Emperor the time it needs to work. Next, consider if you should add DareDevil or True Social to the mix. Both may take an equal amount of time to work, since DareDevil adds a whole major program, while True Social wasn’t meant to be run all day long.

If you do find that you wish to jump on a new stack without waiting on Emperor, consider the one you recommended yourself, it aligns best with your goals.

Good luck!

PS @Saiyan4Blue is running Emperor + DareDevil. You can ask him about his experiences. According to his journal, it might be what you want.


With Emperor… you need to take action. It will break you down and make you face reality… what is it you want. Truly want… and when that happens you need to take action… passive listening will only push you into more corners…

When you do take action… man its like a bullet train.


I am going to go out on a limb here and say Emperor can help you achieve whatever you want. Whether its dating, making new friends, becoming an entrepreneur. Whats important is that you need to commit to it for a while. At least 3 months.

If anyone asked me which is the one sub that can really help better ones life. I would say get emperor.

Its easy to jump on the bandwagon when you see the latest and greatest subliminal released. I am one of them!. Stick with one for a while !.


This is it. Perfectly described.

I attest to this statement wholeheartedly.

Nonetheless, do not underestimate the power Emperor v4 exudes. It’s incredibly potent. Run it long enough, followed by a series of actions, the outcome is imminent. You’ll never leave it, unless SC decides to upgrade the Emperor to v5 in the near future.