Sub(s) for being organized

So I am notoriously disorganized. It used to not bug me as it does now. Maybe that is subs taking an effect on what I notice.

I can do the “take massive action” route and “tidy up” but my issue is the systems (or lack of) that invariably lead to me cluttering up again. I assume this is probably deeper than “Where is the best place to put my trash can?” even though that’s probably part of it.

My question for here is, what sub(s) would you recommend for the mindset shifts that would make being “organized” a permanent part of my identity?

I don’t necessarily want to be an OCD neat-freak.

My goal: I LOVE to tinker and work on projects. It’s hard to do in a workshop that I sometimes take half-an-hour to find my soldering iron (which is not where I think I left it :wink: )

I feel like if I could get my SubC on board with having a place for everything and everything in its place PERMANENTLY and get also for me to get past whatever laziness keeps me from putting stuff back where it goes after use (or whatever it is, no self-judgment here, I swear)…

Then I’d be able to invest more of my time/energy in the tinkering I love to do.

I’m only using standalone subs still, the money I’m setting aside for custom sub isn’t big enough yet.

The subs I’ll include thus far as Limitless, Stark, and (possibly) Mind’s Eye. Limitless since becoming organized is surely a cognitive effort involving new learning. Stark for the Inventiveness/tinkering aspect.
If I include Mind’s Eye, it’d be for being able to visualize the “ideal” office/workshop/lab layout.

Just interested in whatever thoughts you might have.

Here are all the subs I currently own, since it’s what I have to work with right now:

Rebirth Ultima
The Ecstasy of Gold Multistage
Ascended Mogul
Primal Seduction
Khan Multistage
EmperorQ Test #1
Aegis Initiative
Power Can Corrupt
Mind’s Eye
The Elixir

What you Have

  • Emperor: Life organization
  • Mogul: organization but in a financial sense.
  • Limitless: Productivity and organization and tied together.
  • StarkQ: Technically this has a form of limitless in it, although I wouldn’t lean on it for organization.
  • Mind’s Eye: Manifest yourself being organized
  • Rebirth: Remove self-imposed limitations regarding organization

What Would Be Nice to Have

  • Beyond Limitless Ultima
  • Quantum Limitless

What would these bring to the table for me that I might not get by stacking the stuff I have?
Not arguing or being devil’s advocate. Just really want to understand if I should set aside $$$ for these since I’d get them faster than I would a custom (and I’ll definitely want more than one custom)

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Well, QL is a massive superset of Limitless. Read the product page for QL to see what you’d get out of QL that you wouldn’t from Limitless. A lot.

BLU is a significant booster that works well with both QL and Stark since it has scripting for enhanced social intelligence as well. However you may not have to be so concerned with it if you already have a productivity-primary subliminal.

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I agree with (Quantum) Limitless. There’s a saying about how a clear desk equals a clear mind. Same thing goes for a clear inbox and an actionable ToDo list. Limitless wants to clear and structure your mind, so it will have no choice but to organize your external environment as well. I have noticed this myself on multiple subs (EoG will have some of it too), a need to go more Zen and create more minimalistic environments, both digital and physical.

It is an uphill battle though, since it starts from the “wrong” end. In effect, it forces your mind clear, giving it no choice but to drag the rest of you kicking and screaming into clearing up your life. Until you do, it’s the sub pulling you on one end, your environment pulling you on the other.

As for Beyond Limitless, it obviously supports Limitless, enhances cognitive abilities, but it also contains executive code, making you more inclined to get up and do something, like de-cluttering. All Ultima titles have some of that, but BLU has it with sugar and a cherry on top. Which is why the kicking and screaming sometimes gets a bit too evident, as some of our users are painfully aware of.

You have Limitless, don’t force yourself to get Quantum unless you want to (but then it wouldn’t be forcing, would it?)

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I am glad I got Limitless. Would AscMogul help any in this regard? Or not enough focus on that part?

Like I said, I’ve noticed it with every sub to some degree. I actually never got around to trying out Limitless, but I did notice its effects. It’s just slower, but in the end the only way to achieve your goals is to clear out all the other stuff that’s draining your attention and pulling you in another direction. So all subs will have that effect to some degree.

Pre-Q(uantum), many people ran Limitless as part of their stack. Limtless+Emperor was very common for example. I guess that became less common when the less-loops-per-day-is-better recommendation came out and even less when the Q store opened.

But there’s nothing stopping you from running a mini-stack of just Limitless and another single-stage sub during the day for 1-4 loops and (if you can handle it) one or two loops or Rebirth Ultima while you sleep. If the latter doesn’t have an effect after a while, you can drop or replace it.

Don’t take the number of loops too literal, it’s an example, not an official recommendation.

Aye. Grazie!

I’ve definitely cut back on number of loops lately once I realized how tough Q standalones can be.

Prego! Buona fortuna!

Sometimes I do long for the days of Set It and Forget It 16 hours of subs. It was less complicated in a way. :slight_smile:

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