Sub Recommendation for Productivity


Honestly, after all these years of using subs, I can’t solve the procrastination puzzle. laziness is affecting my life big time. I’m not a couch potato no, but I’m not where I want to be as a man, I don’t want to bore you with reasons and back stories. so let’s cut the chase.

I want the sub that addresses productivity like a laser beam. so what should I use?

PS: I’m familiar with limitless but focus on learning makes me hesitant. even without running it, I have been finishing an audiobook or two every week.

Also if the sub can help with the “why” factor of doing things on a subconscious level, I’m golden.

My stack :

Emperor x5
Mogul x4

@SaintSovereign it would be helpful if you share your thoughts here.


Usually, you’d look for money/career subs, they always contain anti-procrastination scripting. Something like Mogul then.

I’d also recommend looking into gamification, things like Habitica. It’s no subliminal, but most people just need to give themselves a worthy challenge and something with a prize at the end. Or smaller chunks/steps, the GTD way.