Sub for making friends and being social?


Is there any sub that can help with making friends easily, meeting new people, and building an active social life, the bigger the better?

If relevant, please note I am not saying I need to overcome social anxiety. I’m already social. But I have trouble making friends easily and quickly. Instead, I’ll hit it off with someone once in a while and we’ll end up being friends for life. And hey, that’s great. But I’d also like to be that person who can make friends easily and have people to hang out with, go out and do things with, etc. Like, lots of 'em.

Oh, and I’m stacking this with Emperor and Sanguine. Though Emperor is the top priority.


Emperor will make you socially comfortable and help you bond with people if you listen to it long enough.


You could run Ascension or Primal (or perhaps Primal Seduction) as a foundation, then use Emperor to really drive it upward after the fact. Compare those three and get an idea of what you believe will work best for you - trust your instincts, your subconscious probably already knows what it wants/needs.


Thanks for the suggestions, guys. It really seems Emperor is a monster of a sub covering a lot of what I need.

Ascension is already fully included in Emperor, I believe, so I’m ticking that checkbox already.

I’ve seen a lot of people speak highly of Primal but, it being a major program, I’m not sure I want to dilute Emperor by adding extra subs right now. I really want to go at it hardcore. I have it running Emperor practically every waking moment and I’m currently going on day 3.

The only extra sub I’m running is Sanguine, and even that is minimal. Specifically, I’m doing:

Emperor (ultrasonic) 3x
Sanguine (ultrasonic) 1x


Emperor will definitely do what you’re looking for. The single drawback is you might have to wait a little longer for noticeable results. Because it’s got so many powerful modules bundled together, it’s not as easy for the mind to make all changes it’s getting direction for. Ascension and Primal are scripted with very specific focuses, which tend to offer quicker results. Just food for thought :slight_smile:

Also I didn’t think of this before but Aura might be worth looking into as well.