Sub for learning instruments


Hello everyone, I am new here glad I found this amazing community.
I would like to know which subliminal can help me with learning musical instruments.


Combine Limitless with Quantum Limitless & Beyond limitless supercharger. You’ll be playing piano like Mozart in no time.

Haven’t looked into Ultimate Artist, but as @Simon says probably swap Limitless out for Ultimate Artist or combine it with Ultimate Artist. Depends whether or not Ultimate Artist already has Limitless inside of it.


Ultimate Artist + Quantum Limitless :+1:

And welcome @kyh326 :slight_smile:


Ultimate Artist does indeed have the entire Limitless v1 in it.

Technically, UA is all one needs for learning musical instruments. I suggested QL for the new exciting benefits like Quantum Focus, Sleep Learning, Extreme Dedication, etc.


Where have read about these modules from Quantum Limitless?


On the salespage. :smile:


Makes sense :sweat_smile:, my Quantum Limitless hadn’t kicked in yesterday