Sub for boxers?


Hey, whats the best sub to use for a boxer, Spartan or Muay Thai? Been running Spartan but reading page for Muay Thai it looks like the sub might be better suited if the script doesnt keep explicitly stating its for muay thai only?

Any chance of a rescript for a boxing mastery x sub?



From what i understand muay thai is only for muay thai. Some parts should help with boxing. If i where you i would run both to be honest. Seems you can gain a lot from running them both

If you do, please keep a journal


Thanks - any clarification from fire or saint please?


Need to tag them @SaintSovereign @Fire


Focus on Spartan, that will be the biggest benefit. Muay Thai Mastery is best for Muay Thai.

Could happen in the future.


Thanks @Fire - don’t suppose you have a full module list you can share? Do you remember if it includes an aura and if so what effect it should have?


Boxing Mastery X please @Fire @SaintSovereign

I’m begging you!

Is Emperor Fitness still planned to be next? When it’s released will it be better than Spartan for boxing, or should I stick with Spartan?


@Fire @SaintSovereign

Or maybe you could rescript the Muay Thai to work for any combat sport in general?

Sorry to keep hounding you guys about it, but it’s a sub that would be so awesome and you’ve already done most of the work with the Muay Thai script!


The problem is that because they don’t use sub modules anymore they would likely have to remake the muay thai script