Sub Club Site Password

Why is the general sub club site asking for a password for me to enter it?

I’d like to get on to my downloads

no matter how I enter it redirects me to

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Just checked and got the same page. I’m assuming that an update might be going on, maybe the team is updating everything to ZP2. (THIS IS PURELY SPECULATIVE BTW.)

NOOOOO!!! I hope that’s not it

That’s why I went on to download all my ZP before they switched.

lol-my timing is terrible if that’s the case

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lol, give it 5 minutes. Site crashed when I updated the software, so I had to rollback to an older version. Fonts are going to look a bit off for a few hours.


whew! lol

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:
Will we still have time to download ZP current version before they are updated and the previous ones are all pulled?

Yes, we will send out an email and post here when the countdown begins.


how long do I have to order a custom in the current ZP? Or has that ship sailed?

It’s still the main option. To order an experimental, you have to click the box on the “Build Custom” page that says “Build in 2022 Experimental.”

After that, it’ll probably remain an option for awhile. But, we’ll be releasing the primer as a free download, so you can still get the same results as now.


fantastic, thank you



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