Strange dream (2x PCC-Q + 1X Rebirth Ultima)

So I had a weird dream
As usual
I went to some airport with a friend waiting to see off whoever it was.
Don’t even remember if it were a guy or girl
But I apparently was wearing my shirt that says “Boobies make me smile” (Yes I have that shirt IRL)
And suddenly realized I forgot to change shirts before leaving, and got all self-conscious of it while in this bit waiting area
A really hawt like 20s or 30s woman started making eyes at me and said “I love your shirt and I’d LOVE to make you smile”
I woke up really quick from that.
Weird thing is I didn’t listen to any sex- or romance-themes subs in bed
I listened to 2 loops of PCC-Q followed by one loop of Rebirth-Ultima


I want a shirt like that.

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