Strange behaviour in emperor v4

Idk dudes things have been worse than ever. Everything is annoying, everything is unbearable. And I mean everything. I get hints of me being jealous at mundane things. This effort of trying to live in the moment and the literal nowhere it has led to infuriates me.

Socially, although i have the most phenomenal eye contact ever and interacted with the most people and locked eyes with the most women ever today, It still didnt “feel” right. I am aware emperor is not at all a social sub but know that I wasnt planning to interact, it all just happened. Although body language, vocal tonality were fine but the content was not at all at the level I usually have. Theres no humour, things get awkwardly weird sometimes. I feel interested in conversating people but my mind doesnt. Things end up being a disappointment usually.

I have been using these subs from quite awhile and I even have ran emperor v2 for sometime but never have I ever felt this crazy levels of reconciliation.
I am getting extremely pissed at the mistakes i make and even CRAzy pissed at the lack of freedom I have in my life.

basically, i am acting like a complete manchild

Can this even be reconciliation? Or am I just thinking too much?


How many hours/day are you running?

Sounds like classic reconciliation to me.

I’ve noticed a social dominance aspect as well, eye confidence, eye contact, unwavering voice (from someone who occasionally stutters or talks too quietly). I ran V3 for a couple months earlier this year, and the confidence aspects are much more noticeable on V4.


R E C O N C I L I A T I O N . :wink:

Ya’ll just aren’t used to this level of power coming from one of our titles. But, we told ya’ll it was coming. Get ready for deep and profound change. If you really want it, bear through it.


I have noticed this too but for some reason conversations end up getting awkward. Its just been 1-2 days but I end up saying odd which doesnt fit right in the conversation.

Earlier there used to be a spark to conversating when I was on khan. No conversation was disappointing. Everything I added on was just about perfect and something I expect myself to say.

Maybe all this is because the mood shift after the reconciliation. I have been feeling different lately.

I am also having some really beta thoughts which I dont usually have at all.

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Any update on this ? How did v4 ultimately work out for you ?

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Pretty dope. My social confidence skyrocketed. I got more horny but I started fapping less. Increased rate of IOI from women though I was ALWAYS aloof and completely detached. The 2 most beautiful girls in my class started showing DEEP interest in me(although I did have chemistry with these women before v4, just now it was much stronger and I was taken a lot more seriously) I would sense women glancing at me but looking away when I glanced back. ig you could say the aura from V4 was a bit intimidating.

I didn’t care about outside validations , i would do what I want/ say what I want to say without hesitation or any awkwardness.


It was the sub with the grestest results before the release of Q. Covid-19’s 6 month isolation has made me VERY antisocial So i am more into productivity, creativity and brain enhanching subs now and dont run them for the “alpha” purposes anymore.

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I loved EV4 and switched to Q when it was released.
Results seemed better long term and indeed turned out that way.

Have you tried EQ,… if so notice any major differences?

What are you running these days for creativity, productivity and brain enhancement?


@Azriel- I ran EQ in March, sadly only for a couple of days before lockdown hit my city. The only change I really remember was that it had stronger push to work than V4.

i have been playing BL ultima,BL Supercharger(very very effective), quantum limitless, mind’s eye, ultimate artist since march although now I have switched to a newer stack focussing on my current goals.

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