Still worth running Emperor?


My first bought subliminal was Emperor, because it seemed like the ultimate subliminal. However after some time I decided to buy and run Ascension instead, because right now I don’t have the ambition to build my own empire/buissines. But I’m thinking about running Emperor again because it has other stuff that ascensions doesn’t has.

Can I still run Emperor besides my lack of ambition or would it not be worth it, because of too much resistance since I don’t want to execute a part of the script.

My main goal is to become a very strong men(mentally aswell as physically). Having high self esteem and just living life without caring what other people think.

Btw: I don’t know if it matters but I’m 18 years old and still in school.


I would have loved to have had something like Emperor when I was 18 years old. For the sake of your sanity and future run it for as long and as much as you can


Emperor will help with the lack of ambition, as that’s usually caused by an unclear vision for your life, as well as fear. Once those are dealt with, things will begin to fall into place.


@SaintSovereign is correct there. Since running Emperor I have become infinitely more focused and far less concerned with wasting time or looking for distractions. Granted it’s been less than a week for me. The longer you run it the more ingrained it will become


Will Ascended Mogul help with lack of ambition too?


Yes. Most of the scripts have some kind of scripting to help with this, even Sex Mastery X.


Good to hear that it will also help with fear that could inhibit ambition. One of my big fears is to get out there and to be in the limelight. With this fear it’s scary and simply impossible to become succesful.


Kid, I would give my left nut to have had Emperor when I was your age. My God, what I would’ve accomplished.

I don’t want to run my own business either, I want to support myself through creative endeavors and in the meantime do well at my job and Emperor has helped me tremendously already. And I wanted to improve my chances with better women because the options are fewer when you get to be my age. If you’re still in school, Emperor will help you:

  • Study more effectively
  • Retain more information
  • Learn difficult subjects more easily
  • Become more popular with classmates
  • Widen your mind to consider new possibilities, pick classes and majors you might not have thought of.
  • Become confident
  • See yourself and be seen as “big man on campus.”
  • Become more ambitious (what Emperor ever thought small?)

Now I don’t represent Subliminal Club and I am not saying that they promise all that. I’m just a guy who got tired of being a loser and started trying everything he could find to get ahead and that search led me here, where I finally got the missing piece of the puzzle and am now making progress at last.

This is an amazing opportunity for you because at 18, your mind is more pliable and you’ve had fewer setbacks and traumatizing experiences than most men 10-30 years older than you. If I was in your shoes I would play Emperor on repeat for 25 hours a day if possible get started on an amazing life.


@Yardbird You are definitley right about me being lucky to have all these subs at my age. I’m trying to build a good solid foundation right now. I’m going to start Emperor again with either Limiless or SS. The wiser choice would be Limitless. However I find it very hard to connect with women so SS is tempting. I think I will wait until we have more info about Primal.


Remember that Emperor contains the complete scripts of Ascension, Mogul and Sex Mastery X, plus original scripting for sex/romance/seduction. Emperor is about much more than wealth, that’s why I think it’s the best all around subliminal offered here. It pairs up really well with Limitless too.


What @Yardbird said


I was aware of the fact that Emperor has all those other scripts. I was thinking about it because I saw some people getting quite good results from the Limitless module in Emperor, it seems more than from those other scripts in Emperor. But I think it will still be Limitless as second sub.


Emperor no pun intended but it makes you feel like an Emperor strong ambitious leader like.