Sticking with StarkQT or custom?


So, after reading the modules I’m truly having trouble on deciding what to do (is there a module for that?)

Firstly my goals pretty much stay in line with StarkQ - I want to be famous for what I do and be known in a positive light - whether that be on the app I’m on making money or/and when I’m dancing. I want to make money and be super successful and have people like me, be the ‘cool kid’. That’s pretty much what I care about.

I was reading the FAQ on the new Q site about reconciliation and started to confuse myself on whether to build a customer or stick with T and give it more time/experience. I’ve used StarkQT on and off since it was available and honestly had the worse time on it - pretty much what was described in the FAQ. I exchanged it out for StarkQ and started having a good time. If you’ve read my journal you’ll know that I said I was deciding to stop QT as I literally experience negativity and all that - but is that the reason I should stay?

Apparently on the FAQ for reconciliation it says:

'Keep in mind, reconciliation is not always bad – at times, reconciliation is simply you being purified and releasing old beliefs and traumas. At other times, reconciliation is your subconscious mind pointing you in the right direction as to what you need to do to improve yourself further and achieve your goals. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of too much subliminal input.

Your subconscious mind is your closest ally, not an enemy that you must fight. Take note of your reconciliation, think about it objectively, and take action.’

This is why I think I should stick through with StarkQT? Am I being purified of all the shit I need to be or is it just going to continue to be a negative experience for me? I don’t mind sticking it out but I want to make sure I’m not going to continue getting reconciliation forever :/. I’ve definitely been taking the action I should be for what I want to achieve.

So, what do you guys think I should do? Any thoughts?


Look you might want us to say go with the QT but the question is what are you after? If it is guaranteed results you are after, then you should go with just Q.

The scenarios are

  1. If you go with Q, as you handled QT, you will handle Q fine and produce result anyway in X amount of time
  2. If you go with QT, you might have hard time for a long and possibly stonewall and have minimal results. Or (less probability scenario), have same results in X/2 amount of time.

If we set X amount of time as a year that means you will either get the certain results in a year with Q (guaranteed - 100%) or in 6 months for QT with less probability. If you were doing risk management, it suggests you go with scenario 1. Especially if you are not dying and don’t have time.

And don’t forget that going with Q for 6-12 months will also allow you to switch to T2 in the future and have a way better chance to make it work. If you go with QT you might lose money, time and effort and at the end select the scenario of going with Q anyway.


First of all, congratulations, that sounds awesome. You’re taking action and you’re on your way.

Second of all, in my opinion, you may be making reconciliation more mysterious or ‘big’ than it needs to be.

The word just means resolving the differences or disharmonious between 2 or more things. In this case, that just means where your mind was originally and where you’d like your mind to be. In other words, it just is referring to learning and growth.

If you have an active, flexible, well-lubricated mind in relation to the area you’re working on, your reconciliation process could be really smooth and pleasant. Like an athlete who is already in great shape and who then switches to a new training schedule or method. It might be a very easy transition because, through past hard work, she has already paid her dues.

On the other hand, someone who is out of shape and then starts doing that new, improved training method is going to have to deal with soreness, lactic acid build-up, fatigue, and other features of fitness adaptation.

If you already find it relatively smooth to take action in your desired area, then you may be more similar to that fit athlete who adapts more easily.

The main reasons for switching to a custom sub would be to try out name-embedment and to add in any extra elements that you think could enhance your mindset even more.

You can kind of predict your reconciliation by looking at how difficult it currently is for you to do the things you want to do.


Hey Michael, the way I see it, they created Experimental T1 and T2 so that we can test those technologies at a cheaper price,…
and then when it comes time to order a Custom, we know which Build works best for us.

Like you, I know that SQ works better for me than SQT. So, I just use SQ.
Personally, I also perfer to play around with other products, and Q leaves bandwidth for me to do that, while T1 belongs in the OMAD category.

So, drop that mythology of more pain, more gain. Focus on real results, not hopium.

:blush: :+1:t2:

PS: Because I see no mention of you wanting a Custom Sub in the OP, I’m gonna ignore that.


Just my 2 cents. If StarkQ is already in line with your goals then there is no need to build custom sub.


You make incredibly valid points for sure, and it’s something to think about. I think Q is most definitely in line with what I should do, and honestly near the end of me posting I thought about just going with Q anyway but wanted clarity. Maybe Q it is.

Makes sense, and nice way to put it. I wanted a custom as I wanted to add more things to it, such as wealth etc than I believe Q/Terminus Q has at the moment (I believe?) and definitely name embedment. I know I didn’t explain that in my post - my bad. Thanks for making reconciliation easier to understand.

That’s a great way to see it, and honestly a good insight for if I build a CS in the future.

Yeah, SQ definitely works better and I wanted to compare the differences. I spoke to Saint and he stated that I may just have to lower my usage and use SQT 1/2 a week rather than 4/5 times a week even at one loop. So I’m going to make SQ my main stack and incorporate T in once a week for now and then hopefully work through the shit I’ve got. I like the way you place it as a OMAD category, that’s how I consider using subs too.

I didn’t really explain my reasonings for wanting to use a custom so I’ll edit my title, however it was so I could focus on more than just StarkQ effects but the main subs may be just what I need right now.

Appreciate the input and it’s the truth, but thinking about it I wanted to add more effect to the StarkQ build with wealth and all that, but I’ll be sticking with just the main subs for now.