StarkQT expansion pack


When I put together my customQ, I had basic idea make universal build for aura , manifestations and enhacement results. Later after I realized its heavily influenced by Stark which is my main sub. Im also running little bit Spartan and Alch4

------ Terminus--------
Gorgeous Manifestor
Blue Skies
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
Productivity Unleashed
Intuition Enhancer
Submodel Alpha
The Architect
Instant Seducing Tactician
Sexual Manifestation
Secrets of Akasha - Wealth
Daredevil Core
Serum X
Direct Influencing Aura
Auric Overdriver


Yesterday I ran my first loop at night masked. Nothing else. I already know Terminus so Im very careful. Im heavy sleeper, Im almost never wake up at night and also I dont remember having dreams. Except when I start with new Terminus sub. This time I voke up straight after cutomQ finished and I remember I had weird dream with few of my exes. Morning I voke very tired and drained like i had no any sleep at all.


Why did you go with Terminus for your custom vs just Q?


Terminus its stronger. I already have StarkQ and StarkQTerminus. Its little bit heavy first week or two then you get used to it, but definitely is not for set and forget listening.


Yes T seems heavy enough that you know you listen to it if for only one loop. And I know I listen to a terminus when I wake up the next day. Thanks


I had very interesting saturday morning . I sat in our back garden and I noticed how everything was fresh nice and clean almost like new place I never seen before. Overall good nothing much happening. More ideas for improving trading bot. I started exercise more and I have to find time restart my magick practicing. Talking to others and keeping conversation is becoming very easy. I


Seems Blue Skies works similar to alchemy and magick. It shifts your reality to one of love and light, and instantly puts you in the 5th dimension we’re everything seemingly seems lighter.


Accidentally I forgot switch off repeat on my mp3 player and ran all night StarkQT and CustomQT. Lots of chaotic dreams.Woke up irritated , feeling pressure like gime some reason i can freely explode. Antisocial . Exactly opposite what my subs are for.


Afternoon my mood improved and once again i noticed more changes in voice colour and intonation. Its happened with every status sub I ran in past . Khan, Stark now Custom Q.


Daredevil in CustomQ start kicking very nicely. no much opportunity socialize outside during lockdown but at work are many girls I never spoke or never seen before. quick reaction to any situation and its easy working as chat opener. Stark attitude is friendly asshole speaking from above, but daredevil make people stop, listen, laugh and talk . Im just waiting when Aura of craving develop :sunglasses:

Gorgeous Manifestor- at work I thought I know every body, But I missed hot girl with piercing grey blue eyes . she already working in our company 4 years and i never seen her before. today I worked next to her and she has nice bubbly personality and it was nice to chat with her


I ran myCustomQT for all night (something like 6.5hrs) and i was just little bit tired. usually I sleep even less. no dreams.

I have bad ankle from childhood. no big deal i learned to live with that and it got worse with age and weight . so when Im on feet for long time (8hrs) its start behave similar to sprained ankle . you can walk on it but you dont enjoy it and when you sit down and relax getting back on feet feels like stab with screwdriver. Also there is patern mondays and tuesdays are worse.
not this time, yesterday not bad maybe just quarter of pain and today tuesday is similar . i went thru modules and there is possibility two modules are involved

Serum X- previously injured bodily systems will slowly start healing. In this
case, always keep in mind the timeframe can be days, months, years, depending on the individual and injury, and you have to take action to support the process.

The Architect - you won’t feel as tired, you will get more things done, you will feel and actually be healthier.

And one more thing I love Stark. Its just feels good.problems are solved like no problems. After running for while i started noticing how people are insecure about them and some parts of their life. Like most of them. its just sinking into conversation again and again, and now with myCustomQ is even worse. People with unsolved past trying to micromanage me and give me unwanted advice. its like some control freak trying to control situation but you plainly see he s not controlling himself at first place. I found this quite disrespectful and more I notice what they are, they more have it in for me.


I’m glad i found a journal that includes stark i can follow along with. I guess you had an accidently useful experiment leaving terminus on all night haha.

Is stark a core in your custom Q sub, or are you playing stark separately?


I run normal StarkQT and CustomQT two loops in night stack . This weekend I decided to have off days and I woke up with headache and no cold packs or painkilers were able to stop it. Eventually afternoon headache stoped. I ran also 1 loop Alch4Q and MindsEyeQ in day stack last couple days. So going cold turkey with Q subs is harsh experience. I had some days off but never had problems.


Serum x is noticeable . Even I have been doing simple and easy manual task last three days, my hands and chest pumped like in gym workout . That is crazy.