StarkQC - Prince Charming


Thought I would write something down from my custom StarkQC, since stuff are happening :slight_smile:

It consists of these modules:

StarkQ Core
The Merger of Worlds
Divine Will

So instead of filling up with 20 modules and 3 cores, I now try 1 core and the rest are boosters.

It’s to see how good StarkQ really is, and I’ve never had only 1 core custom before :slight_smile:

First day I played StarkQC:

I was at work and it was not good, I felt bad, a lot of emotions and memories that trigger anxiety, tired…

It seemed like people at work were ignoring me.

A really shitty day.

Day 2:

Changes have happened, even though I was a little tired I had a sense of humor.
People at work actually came and helped me voluntarily :slight_smile:

I feel like I had more charm today, talking to people was fun.
I felt like a social magnet today. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also i notice improvment in my gaming skills, I dominated, i hit every shots.
When they start asking if you hacking you know your good :smiley:

Not sure why but I’ve been angry at times, but it seems to be calming down now.

So far im happy with this, and its alot better then StarkQ normal for sure.

This charm i had today i developed so fast :slight_smile:

Thats all for now.


I don’t see many people get the single core with hella boosters often, I’ll be paying attention to this one. What are your goals with Stark, though?


Not many with 1 core custom for sure, most people want it all and i understand that very well, but this time i had too try something different.

My goal is to be the best i can at my job or even get a better job if i can find one.

Take care of my family, enjoy life, be more with my friends.
Mostly normal stuff.

Im not starting a business yet.
The man with a plan , coming soon :wink:


Did I influence this build at all with my Emperor Q enhanced (Emperor with the exact same 'neutral’results enhancers) or do great minds just think alike :slight_smile: ?


Hehe @Azriel, yes and only 1 Jupiter in here.

Fuck today im so tired i could punch someone. Grrr… reducing my loops now.


Yesterday i slept 4 hours extra, so tired.

Im doing no fap without doing it.
I have no interest the last days.

I feel im becoming more serious.
Masculinity is rising.

Today i will only do 2 loops. :wink:


Looking sexy in the mirror :wink:
Beauty spell cast on me. Hehe.

I have these euphoria or brain orgasm. Ah!


I tried a few loops of dragon reborn st1.
I felt more calm, tension faded, more in the now, less thinking.

I just woke up from a dream, in the dream, there seems to be levels of dimension, i was jumping or traveling between different dimensions with another person.
We were looking for someone in another dimension.
But after traveling in this small box between dimension i got sick and almost puked and also claustrophobic feeling.

So i woke up now. This must be from dragon as i never dream like this before.

Anyway thats it for now :slightly_smiling_face:
Back to sleeping now :sleeping:


Yo, i am the strongest man in the universe and i do not get sad. :pleading_face:

Fuck this shit today at work i was so sad, the sadness just left me now so now im running a new loop of dragon. :scream:

This is no joke very stronge healing sub, hopefully the sadness will not be so dramatic as today.

Stay stronge :muscle:


My custom that i run now:

StarkQ Core
Khan ST4 Q Core
Power Can Corrupt Q Core
Regeneration Q Core
Transcendental Connection
Mercy Protocol
Carpe Diem Ascended
Productivity Unleashed
Joie de Vivre
Lion IV
Alpha Body Language
Leader of Men
Iron Frame
Dragon Tongue
Total Nonchalance

And Dragon Reborn ST1.

Just 1 loop of DR today.

I was at the store just now and i felt i could pick up any girls there, my confidence was superb. :ok_hand:

My custom seems to kick in alot also now.
Loving it !


do you attribute this or part of this to DR?

Great looking custom Khan+Stark looks potent


you have a plan on how long you will be running your custom, you module looking really decent, want to see how Transcendental Connection and All-Seeing work for you


Thanks, I’m not sure, i feel its too early to tell.
DR is very powerful maybe reducing some fear, anxiety but it makes me a little sad atm. My custom have khan :smile:, so DR reduce fear so stark and khan can shine better. Thats what i was thinking.


Im going to run it as long as i can.
I do notice all seeing eye, i observe people alot.
It’s only the beginning now, but its definitely developing awareness, reading people. Good stuff.

More on Transcendental Connection later gotta work.


Do you think All-Seeing is also in Dragon Reborn?


No, but i could be wrong. I guess @Fire knows this…


I have overcome most sadness now :smiley:


Starting to feel great and powerful on this.
DR is better then i expected. :+1:


Physical healing is on.

Dominance is developing.

Only 1 loop is enough for me now :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you share more about the physical healing your experiencing :slight_smile: ?