StarkQ- The Path Towards The Kevin Stark

I’ve failed.
I’ve had failed starkQ in the start because I was inpatient, I had failed emperor fitness st1 and 4 because of indecisive. I’ve had failed what I taught was going to change my life.
I didn’t understand my life until now. I realized I already have a physique that can become my dream one however one thing was missing purpose, charm and hapiness.
I taught starkQ didn’t work because of the subliminal however in reality, all this time, I was was the one in the wrong. Today I restarted starkq but it’s different i’m not the Kevin who will procrastinate, who will feel bad for himself. The Kevin who had a 1200$ debt who took 8 months too pay because he was too lazy to get a job. Today I cried, I felt joy but most importantly I felt a change that something phenomenal will happen. To this I celebrate my new journey on starkQ.


By writing this, it shows that you will reach your goals soon. Never mind if we fail - we will reach our goals eventually by not giving up.

All the best to you.

StarkQ is like magic sub .
Stick with it and it will show results that can be amazing .

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@rajeshwer how long you have been using StarkQ and can you elaborate on its magic by how effective it has been for you? I’m contemplating in 2 months b/w Emperor, StarkQ and Khan. So far im leaning towards emperor but even before I told myself it’ll be Khan. So I wanted to know how different is StarkQ to them.

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Congratulations, you are now an Avenger.


I added StarkQ on 31 March and I have been listening to it since then. I only do masked versions , as ultrasonic interferes with my hearing system .

My first sub witj SC was Emoeror and I had pretty good results with that , from shy to man who started expressing himself and I became vocal about what I want , I started having sense of control .

I added SM and oh my god it turned my world upside down for good , my girl became my biggest fan and what else could I want .

I added StarkQ , and it was again shocked ( ha ha ) to see how much change a sub can bring .
All of sudden my social life started becoming a hit , people are liking me more , they want my company , I have more women friends , they started admiring me , and my girl is ga ya about me .
I feel this magnetism is working in business also , a shift has been there amd I feel confident I talking to any women , hot or mundane . One of my second cousin has already expressed her desire to have me ( couldn’t believe this )

All I am saying is , this sub is giving me what I always wanted . More actions I take , more are results .

Couldn’t post all this before aa lockdown was there and I was just listening to my subs and meditating, as soon as lockdown opened I feel my life has changed for good.

Such a profound impact on me
Thankyou so much @SaintSovereign and @Fire

Today I had a meeting with corporate honcho who is ten times bigger than me in wealth , and how comfortably I talked to him is even beyond my comprehension.

Ya I feel you can create magic with these subs and a profound one .


Very nice, well done!

Same thing happen’s to me it’s so interesting while listening to starkQ in lockdown nothing really changed however since most things open everything is so different when I listen to starkQ


@kevin77 Changing your identity is the quickest way to change your life.

Good luck my friend. You are well on your path

stark has been great for me as well as far as business interactions, marketing calls have gone surprisingly well

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Awesome results, and inspiring to hear.

Did you keep running SM and Emperor while on Stark?

I am running SM and StarkQ , though Emperor took a back seat as in I do only two loops in a week for emperor