StarkQ something that no one talks about


A lot of people recently have been saying that using set and forget method on starkq is bad however I believe that it depends on the person because personally my effects have been even better with the set and forget method. Am I the only one who experiences this?


No, I don’t see a problem with it either and I also get good results.

The only reason a don’t do set and forget all the time it’s because the masked version allows me to concentrate better while I work by blocking outside noise. Maybe only after 4 loops I start getting a tension headache, but I normally don’t get to that point because I take breaks here and there when I have to take calls or eat something. That’s typically enough to avoid any unwanted effects. I don’t do rest days either.

The Terminus version is the exception, though. That one I feel it’s too much even at two loops if done one after the other, so I only use it occasionally and only once.


It is not the set and forget method which is bad.

Use the set and forget method, use the ultrasonic file, but cut back on the loops you are running.

It is just not advised to run 12 loops+ per day anymore as this might be overloading but if you get great results from it, then continue doing so. The moment when you are feeling increased fatigue or other signs of great reconciliation, cut back on the loops


Yeah I understand we also have to understand that each is different so someone like me could run over 16+ hours of it without a problem and get good results compare to someone else who can only run two loops.


I agree I use the ultrasonic version only on my iphone speaker that’s why i’m able to listen to it for 16+ hours. As for terminus Saint says that some research is being made that it’s better to listen to terminus after listening to starkq after 3-5 months because your subconscious will be already prepared if that makes sense.


If that’s the case, I’m not there yet. I figured it’s just stronger, so I use it to make up for days where I didn’t get enough listening time of the regular Q version.
Otherwise, I definitely support listening as much as you can handle. I assume your body would give you signals to take it easy when it needs to.


Yeah I believe but I might be wrong when your already use to using subliminals to get a type of resistance where you have less side effects or none and greater result. Just a theory.