StarkQ + Seductress = PottsQ ;)


First off, thank you to Sirchiropractixalot for naming this stack PottsQ. Love that name.

So, my plan is to listen to a stack of StarkQ + Seductress for the next 4 months. Why 4 months? Because that’s how long my current fitness program is any ways so I may as well keep them in sync.

I will be listen for at least 6 hours per day, probably 8 hours per day as I work from home any ways.

Daily routine for the next 4 months:

  • 30 Minute meditation
  • 30 Minute high intensity workout with weights
  • 6 - 8 hours of PottsQ stack using headphones

Journal starts here:

Tuesday March 31st 2020

  • Listen time: 2 hours of StarkQ and 90 minutes of Seductress

  • Effects: I already really notice StarkQ when it’s running. It kinda feels like it’s massaging my brain, to the point where i can tell when VLC switches between tracks. Q is very powerful. I also notice my anxiety is at an all time low already and focus is up. I am watching a video course right now and instantly in flow state.


Tuesday April 1st 2020

Woke up after listening yesterday for about 8 hours of starkQ and 6 hours of Seductress. Last night I had the best sleep I’ve ever had, normally I have trouble falling a sleep because my mind will wander or I will get nightmares but not last night. I was out within 10 minutes and slept for about 8 hours.

  • Effects: There is definitely a boost to my productivity and alertness. I woke up at 7 am and by 8 am I already had finished breakfast and landed a client. Normally I would’ve put off dealing with a client until 11am but I had so much energy I just did it and got it done with.

I will update more tonight.


Wednesday April 2nd 2020
Updates got delayed because of work stuff. But here we go.

Tuesday night I was having trouble sleeping so i decided to listen to StarkQ all night. That’s about 8 hours, on top of the 6 hours during the day.

  • Listen time: 6 Hours of StarkQ during the day, 8 Hours StarkQ at night. 5 hours seductress.

  • Effects: Productivity has skyrocketed. I keep feeling compelled to create the startup I have been planning for the past year. While listening during sleep I had a ton of weird dreams, SciFi style dreams and a few magic related dreams. It was strange but the metaphors/symbolism told me what to do next.

As for my plan, i decided to switch to an 8 month challenge. During this time I will listen to StarkQ and Seductress without any breaks.

I also found my workout goals/inspiration:

This is Crossfit Champion Katrin Davidsdottir. She has the exact amount of abs and biceps i want :smiley: .


Sunday April 5th 2020
Quick update as I am swamped with work (StarkQ working? ahah). I have discovered that Seductress causes me headaches. StarkQ is fine, but the second Seductress comes on, i get headaches.

I think this is resistance of some sort, so I will keep pushing through for now.


Interestingly, I had some very strong headaches when I started running Stark…


I will be posting more updates soon. I added QLQ to the stack.


Alright updates!!!

New Stack:

  • StarkQ x 2
  • Seductress Q x 2
  • Quantum Limitless Q Stage 4 x2

I will continue to run this for a few months, depending on how it goes i may buy Emp Fitness Q and switch Seductress out for it but for now i think my work regime is fine.

Day 1 of this stack:
I got 2 hours of each subliminal and honestly it was a wild ride.

StarkQ: This one is interesting. When I run it I feel super calm and at peace. I don’t feel like i need to do anything while it’s running but within 10 minutes of it ending i feel the need to start taking action and it’s incredible.

Speaking of taking action, I have completed 3 intense courses on advanced topics for my business in a week!! Zero procrastination here. I just think of what i need done, and before i can even try to hesitate i have started on it.

QLQ Stage 4: I have to admit this one feels the best when I am listening to it. It puts my brain into this high-octane mode of just COMPLETE focus and getting shit done. I am able to watch video courses at 2x speed and completely retain everything. QLQ is by far the best sub I have ever used. I just hope these effects become permanent over the next few months.

Seductress Q: Biggest thing I have noticed so far is my butt is getting bigger, my skin is getting smoother, and face is looking younger. Nothing massive, just lots of small changes that together make a big difference. Also, it appears all of my anxiety about my body is gone.

Quick Side note:
My boyfriend has started running Khan Q and i am interested to see how that impacts our relationship. Especially with me running Seductress and StarkQ.


Out of curiosity:

  1. Are you measuring this objectively?

  2. Do you work out your glutes at all?

Cause if you are experiencing physical changes without doing anything specifically, me, @Fire and @SaintSovereign need to have a real chat.


@Sirchiropractixalot - haha. And this is exactly why I asked for an equivalent of The Seductress for men when TS was released.


Yeah I agree…why wouldn’t a man want this too?

popular within any social circle
Enhances your natural charm
pleasant, yet powerful and sexy aura, leaving a lasting impression on everyone you meet.
more confidence,
clear thinking
emotional understanding <-- lots of men need this too. More persuasive ability, better relationships and connections. @fire

Heart, balls and brain

From the seductress page:

Seductress also enhances your seductive ability, causing the men you desire the most to fall head over heels for you. It can also make you insanely popular within any social circle, as it enhances your natural charm and surrounds you with a pleasant, yet powerful and sexy aura, leaving a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

Mentally, you can expect more confidence, sensuality, courage, clear thinking, and emotional understanding. You will better be able to navigate your emotional landscape, and your goals and how to achieve them will become crystal clear. While it is a powerful sexual subliminal, it can be consciously guided to help you excel in business, social situations, sports, etc


So basically an emperor like sub but with primal seduction, ascension, emp fit and some other things in it lol.


Out of curiosity:

Are you measuring this objectively?

Do you work out your glutes at all?

Measured and my butt is 2 1/2 inches bigger.

I am not targeting glutes, but i am doing full body workout with weights and resistance bands so they are getting some work. However, i have never seen this much of a change so quickly. I have been doing the same workout program since March.


@joefso - not only that but male enhancement too. Since The Seductress increases breast size and butt size, we could use some size increment in our respective area too (and some height increment while at it).

Else we wouldn’t need that and would just combine a stack like what @Floridianninja suggested if we only needed seduction skills.

But then, SaintSovereign did say that we would get one. Am guessing it would take some time though since a lot of work was put into Chorus and we have Custom Q in the works and also Mind’s Eye


@raphael yes, that would be awesome!


Bear in mind breasts and butts are relatively easy to increase, they just need more fat or muscle. A penis? Not so easy, fat and muscle gains don’t help. Same with height.

My guess is you’ll still need PE exercises (i.e. taking action) and any subs could help maximize those gains, but probably won’t give you much on their own.


Was this actually something you were after? i.e. do you think the changes were guided by what you wanted?


@bujin - you could say the same about the subs over here. Don’t use them, take action.

And yes, male enhancement will be tougher than increasing butt size or breast size but not impossible.


The advice is always to take action, as you well know.


I know that well. We all know that well over here at subclub. Asking for a subliminal isn’t an excuse for not taking action. Else none of us will be here.


Very much so. Been wanting to get a more hourglass figure for a while and the biggest thing for me is hips and butt, both of which were non-existent before.

I do hope I get some boob growth as well :smiley: