starkQ experience


Hello everyone,

Typing this from my phone, sorry if this is a bit too short. I am amazed at the journals here and the progress everyone is making. Beautiful! I have noticed a couple of out of the ordinary things and I am curious if any of you too experienced this too?

  • more smooth talking
  • motivating and persuading approach to things
  • figuring people more out, more calculating. Normally I take people just in you know…but now I am reflecting upon it and get more understanding and use this toon influence
  • felt a urge to look up persuasion videos on YouTube, skipped all the mirroring stuff(felt a bit weird, too technical) and just watched a couple of more ‘normal’ videos.
  • huge appetite
  • had two dreams the first time I used it. First one was me learning about seduction in dreams. It was about taking an attitude and influencing/arrousing women. I was actually with a old classmate in the dream going to a bar and we discussed my love life. Then I let a part of me come out that did all these cool things being playful and a bit cocky. Second dream can not recall it anymore. When I woke up I reflected upon my first dream. All I can say is WOW. Thanks subclub!!
  • experiencing burst of triggered anger. Normally not like this

Anyone else???


Bro, how long have you gotten exposure?


how long have you been running it?


Not that long, subs have a quick and strong impact on me in general. Like with Khan st1, I had lots of releases and on st1 i became very social, like the old me. Also, I automatically started approaching women and talking to them…or looking at them while feeling my turn on.

Same with this sub, It becomes obvious quickly, I like a lot of it.

The downside of it is that these changes like with Khan will soon be not noticeable anymore. I had the same with hypnosis. People tell me that it has become automatic. I am skeptical about it, because I feel like the old me when that happens and so is my behavior. Eventually, I bail out and stop listening to the sub.

I hope Q changes this for me.

But I am curious if people experienced learning in dreams ?? This was awesome.


not that long, i am not sure if the longer I run it the more lasting the change is for me. My insight from looking into my own experiences are that I hold on to my old me. Changes happens quick but reverting back to my old ways too. Keep forcing (by keep on listening) feels wrong to me as if I am violent against myself. When I feel like this i stop listening.

Thing is, I never had social problems, only can not really like myself and can´t lose weight. I feel those are my two main problems.

What i really want

Bro, could you please share some detailed insights from your khan St1 experience… if it is not too much to ask :slight_smile: