[Stark ZP/Heartsong ZP/SexMastery ZP]

After fully finishing Alchemist ZP and 4 cycles of Spartan with great results. With my girlfriend we decided to use a common stack.
She used Spartan and Seductress for several months with great results too.

Heres how we do it.

Monday: Stark ZP + Heartsong ZP
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Stark ZP + Sex Mastery ZP
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Heartsong ZP + Sex Mastery ZP.
Saturday: Rest.
Sunday: Rest.

We are currently on day 12.

So far Stark has given me a lot of recon, has surfaced deep fears, given me nightmares and feelings that can be described as dying in a way. That was until 2 days ago… suddenly its giving me manifestations that are very helpful to set my business together, but boy was I afraid!!

On the other hand Heartsong + Sex Mastery were introduced during a week in which my girfriend and I didnt have much time to share, work and stuff… then we had some days to be together fully and everything was enhanced and pleasurable.

During the first period sex was the last thing on my mind though. That usually happens for me with titles like SM or Diamond… at first they push me away from anything sexual for a while… then when I recover interest and desire… things are way better than they used to.


Yeeaaaa that’s an interesting journey

All the best to your Journey

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What is your experience with Spartan?

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Its been quite interesting, thats for sure.

•Ive loss about 8 kg.
•Ive gain 1 kg of pure muscle last month.
•I train 1 hour of kick boxing 3 times a week.
•The other 2 days I jump the rope for 15 minutes. On weekends I rest.
•I havent eat sugar in more than 6 months.
•The most important thing is that before Spartan the idea of excercising was alien for me and it requiered a lot of effort to engage in any physical activity. Now on the other hand the excact opposite is true… my mind and my body craves for excercise.

I look better on the mirror which gives me a self steem boost that no amount of psycholigical/emotional work will ever give.


Excellent results, bro :+1:


I hope Stark starts giving me awesome results soon enough… for now it has been a lot of recon and fear coming out of very hidden places.

I know that is in fact results and pretty important results… but the kind of results you need time to fully appreciate… for now it feels hard.

Im in bed with the flu right now, so I have time to let things go its natural course.

@Lion Im gonna read you journal in a while bro. Gotta check out how things are going for you.

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Currently on day #13 of this 1st cycle and today we are listening to Stark and SM ZP.

Last night even though I was with the flu I was reminiscent of an ex girlfriend, sexually speaking… textbook Heartsong description.

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Also for my second cycle I would like to keep Heartsong/Stark as the core and replace SM for something else. I feel 1 cycle at this time is enough, specially considering that we just did 1 cycle of Diamond too… those titles do mature over time.

My choices for now are:

Stark/RICH Custom

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I had Chosen and Stark in a Custom and it was a glorious combination.

Highly recommend it.

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I might as well do that… not in a custom though, but I keep liking the idea of a Chosen Stark stack more and more.

Im still in bed with the flu… thats 5 days straight. Im not feeling very good, but is not that terrible either.

Ive had a lot of time to think and ponder about life and I think Ive seen the monster in the face.

It seems so clear now…

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Sounds not so appealing :wink:
Do you use paragon to support your immune system?

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Not this time… Im already overloaded by my current stack and I dont want to add more subliminal input.
I support my immune system with 500mg of Vitamin C daily and Cold Showers.


ok that makes sense. I wish you a speedy recovery. :muscle:


Thanks man!!!


Your post mimics my experience running Spartan. And this point really sums it up. Spartan makes you crave not only exercise, but challenge in general. Anything that is challenging to the will is something Spartan will encourage you to do.

Lovely sub


I agree!

One of the best subs if you ask me and one of the fastest to yield results too.


Dusting off my customs to see what Im gonna add in a next cycle…


Sex Mastery
Sexual Manifestation
Sexiness Unbound.
Long-Range Seduction
Instant Spark
Gorgeous Manifestor
Focused Arousal
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Male Enhancement
The Wonder
Chosen of Venus
Love Without Attachment
Depths of Love
Aura of Craving
Transcendental Connection


Alchemist Stage 4
Sage Immortal
Awakened Perception
Intuition Enhancer
Eagle Eye
Emotions Unfettered
Wisdom Personified
Dragons Tongue
Negative Energy Transmutation
Divine Will
The Architect.
Energetic Development
The Merger of Worlds
Gratitude Embodiment


Stark Q v2
Financial Succes Reality Shifter
Wealth Limit Destroyer
Secrets of Akasha
Secret Source
Positive Being Attractor
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy MarketWeaver
Direct Influencing
The Spotlight
Fortunes Favorite
Stress Displacement
Carpe Diem
Productivity Unleashed
Power Unleashed
The Flow

Custom#1 needs some changes definitely, the other 2 are perfect… but they are 1 hour long and with the old mask.
ZP spoiled me…

I think Im gonna pick one and rebuild on ZP or maybe consider all the modules I have and build something new.
I still have time since I want to do a 2nd cycle with Stark+Heartsong.


Starting the day with Heartsong and Sex Mastery… I feel way better from the flu and today Im getting out of bed.