Stark Q + Aura Q + Limit Destroyer Q How to


Hi all,

I’m new to the forum, however not to subs and have been reading, following posts for a short while. Getting to know the products and how they work. Amazing forum and people, I have to say.

As such I am very interested to stack Stark Q/Aura Q/Limit Destroyer Q, however I am uncertain as to how to stack them properly, as in how many times a day, days on and off etc. Or if stacking them is even a good idea considering the potency of Q subs or if they will compliment eachother. Any help and guidance would be much appreciated.

Also, for subs that are an hour or more, I tend to listen to in chunks throughout the day. Is that ok or do I have to listen to a sub in it’s entirety without breaks?


There’s actually no reason to take a logical approach here as Q is new out of the box and there’s not yet enough redundant information available. Even with appropriate guidelines, feeling it out is always the way to go.

Having said that, use Stark Q as your primary subliminal, use Aura whenever you feel the need to amplify your appearance, magnetic & electric presence, it will molt according to Stark scripting which I’ve found to work extremely well, by far it’s one of my favorite stacking modules. Speaking of Limit Destroyer, use this subliminal at it’s appropriate time as well, whenever you feel the need that something is holding you back related to limiting beliefs in yourself then it is time for a few loops of Limit Destroyer. Pay attention at how effective Limit Destroyer is at just that.


Suggestion for the first week.

Day 1:
Stark Q 1 loop
Limit Destroyer Q 1 loop

Day 2:
No subliminal

Day 3:
Stark Q 1 loop
Aura Q 1 loop

Day 4:
No subliminal

Day 5:
Stark Q 1 loop
Limit Destroyer Q 1 loop

Day 6:
Stark Q 1 loop
Aura Q 1 loop

Day 7:
No subliminal
Notice how you feel and any direct or indirect possible effects of the subliminals so far

Now you have a very simple baseline for going forward. If the week felt very comfortable, go for an incremental increase. Add a second loop of Stark but keep the rest and journaling days in place. Gradually your confidence and feel for your own reactions will grow.

You’re in business.

But the most important step:

Think beyond the subliminals.

A Ferrari is a great thing, but, if you have nowhere meaningful to go, even a Ferrari will feel useless at some point.

On the other hand, if you have many great places to go to, your Ferrari will make the process of getting there even more beautiful.

So think of where you actually want to go in your life. In what contexts and for what purposes do you want to use these skills and abilities of Stark, Limit Destroyer, and Aura? Think in terms of actual life situations, dreams, and goals. Start working out your steps for getting to those goals. Focus on that rather than focusing on the subliminal. This is what will enable the subliminal to work best.

Subliminals work best when you are focusing on your life, rather than focusing on the subliminals.


Thanks for the advice Hermit. Do you know if it’s ok to listen to a Q sub in pieces throughout the day? For example 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there and so on, or does it have to be in one shot?


Thanks Malkuth, I will give this a shot. Should I listen to the Stark Q and LD or Aura Q loops one after the other or separately at different times of the day?


Limit Destroyer Q and Aura Q are considered to be stacking modules. They can link to and extend the effects of the major program that you are listening to. In this case, I think either of those can be played right after Stark Q, your major program (you could also choose to play both of them one after the other if you wish. I recommended choosing one stacking module at a time because you’re building up a sense of how the subliminals work for you.).

The truth is that there are not really hard and fast answers to the questions you are raising. Each person kind of does his/her own experiments and works out his/her own understanding. Then we share our suggestions based on that.

In the past, for example, when many more repetitions of a given program were needed, people would use the ‘set it and forget it’ method. Playing a program on repeat for hours and coming and going naturally throughout one’s daily routine. In that case, play interruptions were pretty common.

Now, we’re working with much more concentrated and potent subliminal builds. You can probably still come and go because, intense or not, there’s bound to be a lot of repetition. But since all that’s needed is an hour, it’s probably worth it to just stay with it for the entire play time.

Then there are a bunch of us here that tend to find that intuition and synchronicity seem to help us out with establishing the right conditions for subliminal use. I put myself in that category. I feel that interruptions, daily occurrences and such seem to happen in the right way to support my subliminal use.

If I have deadlines at work, or an unexpected phone call comes, or if a series of interruptions seems to pop up, I am very open to the possibility that my ‘system’ is guiding the course of my listening in line with my needs. But that’s my own point of view.

Anyway, back to your original point. I recommend playing a stacking module right after the major program if you find that that works for you. If you played it later, it would still work. This is just the way my intuition has guided me to do it.


Thanks Malkuth, you’ve helped me tremendously. I intend to start slow and guage the effects as I go. Historically when I listen to a sub too much, I would get a headache and brain fog. With the Q series being so potent, i’ll have to figure out what that limit is. Trial and error I suppose. Then maybe in a month or so, i’ll try the Terminus version.


In case it’s helpful…I also found the Terminus version too much to run multiple times a day, specially if it’s in a loop. So the way I use it now it’s strictly as a substitute for the Q version on those days where I don’t get as much listening time as I had planned.