Stark (choosing between the versions)


Which version of Stark is the strongest?


Terminus is the strongest


Terminus also has interesting effects if you read the journals. A lot of people reported that the healing aspects of stark kind of kicked in first. Terminus is way strong then Q maybe 2-3 times stronger or more


Stark Ultima for social and sex


Strongest may not be the best question to ask. Because strongest doesn’t mean the best when it comes to stark. T is stronger than Q but from what I read here most people went with Stark Q because T was causing issues with them and Q gave better results. But build method T is stronger then Q


Like the Grimm brother says, in technical terms Terminus is the denser one, more oomph for the buck. But that does not necessarily make it the most effective one for you. You might just want to play with the Q version for a while first.


How to get both versions then? Is it a single purchase?


Stark Terminus was available free upon purchase of StarkQ. This was, if I recall correctly, as part of a public testing. I’m not sure if it’s still free if you purchase StarkQ now that testing has concluded.


T comes with purchase.
Same with other subs which have gotten experimentals. (E.g. Mind’s Eye comes with Q and T2).


Most people here try the hammer your face into the wall strategy and go for Terminus & Terminus² until they realize that it is too much and not bringing them anywhere besides a short burst of euphoria.

So isn’t it obvious to learn walking before you can run? I mean you can start directly with running but you’ll fall many times in the process. Like Nikola Tesla once said, everything is Energy Vibrating at different Frequencies – no need to make it anymore difficult then that, intelligent life at it’s core is simplistic, it is only human ego that makes the difficulty.

At the Gym, just starting out do you bench 100 KG weights, unable to lift them until you can finally lift them? You surely don’t, using this strategy with subliminal’s is stupidity and will get you nowhere in the long-run. Building foundations, using Customs with one Core and steadily building up from there will bring you fast progress and great growth in the long-run, without changing stacks every second because of reconciliation.


Is it already out or is it coming out in the future?


this was just a test which did not bring the expected results as the Stark script is too complex. I don’t know why Friday even brought it up since Stark Ultra was a title that only a test group got.


Because it worked awesomely for social effects and sex lol


Me and Friday, from reading their journal for testing, and basing off my own experience with Stark U - got some good/great results from StarkU, whether temporarily or permanently.

I’ve gone back down to Stark T but may actually use U again now that it was mentioned.

I can’t speak on the sex part as that hasn’t been my thing until recently and didn’t use U for that, but agreed with the social.


Since the social effect and sexual effect could be linked to “state” of mind. Like Libertine and true social :wink:

Pretty sure Stark Ultima change the state of your brain since this is where ultima seems to shine!