Standing Up For Yourself

Can Primal or Primal Seduction help you in terms of conflict or standing up for yourself in a fight? Maybe not being scared of conflict?

I found ascension has helped me say no to people and be very assertive and blunt with people. If I feel I’m being disrespected I make it known. I truly love ascension. It along with primal are in my top 3 fav sub club major subliminals.
ascension is scary in the sense that things just fly out your mouth, you really lose your filter so you have to be aware before you speak.
Primal is just good feelings all around. you feel a love for yourself and life and women.


Thanks. I think I’m a little too easy going, I need to be more assertive.

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Ascension will definitely make you more assertive. It did so for me when I’m running it. Just one thing though I manifested things were men would challenge me, try to cross a boundary, or do something where I had to tell them NO. Saying NO to someone is hard for me. Maybe it was just me and men we’re testing me and it won’t happen to you, but I just wanted to let you know to be prepared in case you do decide to run ascension


I have found that my Ascension based custom has removed the discomfort I used to feel saying no to someone who is trying to push me. I can just say it and put a period behind it and not feel anything further. It also seems to make me more comfortable saying something about what someone is doing when I would have remained silent before to avoid conflict.
I’ve also noticed what Grimm1390 has that I sometimes say exactly what I mean very bluntly before thinking about it or filtering.
I kind of get the impression that I wouldn’t have said that before and would have been instantly afraid of repercussions if I had, but now I’m just “yeah, I said it, now let’s see what happens” in my head. So far there haven’t been any bad results.


Will do thanks, really appreciate you advice:+1:

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I heard somewhere that the fear of the actual event is worse than the event itself.


People I just need to clear somethings
We need to really look up what an alpha male is…
I had the wrong impression at first. I’m running ascension also.
I actually taught alpha male is an aggressive wild dude walking around and getting his way…Wel after much research it’s not that…it’s the total opposite!
Just one quality of an alpha

an alpha has the ability to control emotions especially anger

Just becareful .
I fell in the same trap when I started ascension and @Hermit explained to me not to go down to lower level but show them you different.
Use ascension and don’t be a push over…but for your own growth and then you will see the external results profoundly.