Stage 3 anti sleep script?


So I’ve been running EoG st3 for a bit over a week now. I remember reading in one of the journals that someone was having trouble sleeping on st3 of Khan. Lately I’ve been feeling physically exhausted but I’m completely unable to nap and at night I only sleep 5-6 hours no matter what I do.

Is there some kind of scripting in st3 that is opposed to rest? Lol


I’ve seen people say there’s deep sleep scripting in the programs. I’ve also read reviews by people that get energized and sleep very little. I always used to sleep a lot longer on subs.

I’ve only been on ST3 for a short while, but I think Khan is energizing me while EoG is depleting me, so it’s a bit of an odd experience. On the other hand, I suddenly started getting tired right around midnight and wake up right early in the morning. In only a few days my circadian rhythm has shifted to where it is supposed to be.

I think there’s actually very few people on EoG ST3 yet. How were your sleeping patterns on ST1 & 2? And are you still tired after those 5-6 hours?


So before on St1/2 I would go to bed at midnight, wake up around 6 am, drink water, then go back to sleep until 8 or 9. I would also have a small nap between 20-60 minutes in the afternoon. Now on st3 I go to bed at midnight and wake up at 6am. No matter how exhausted I feel I am unable to sleep at any other point during the day. Were this not accompanied by the feeling of exhaustion it would be great but instead I’m just awake and tired all the time. Though maybe after another day or two I’ll stop trying and just be more productive lol


My sleep is quite bad since i started Khan. I always sleep around 6 hours but i felt rested. Since i started Khan i dont feel that rested, i sleep less and some days i feel i didnt sleep at all