Stacking up for a StandupComedy career

I Neither have the jokes, nor the confidence.
Just limitless potential
And subs ofcourse.

With just basic knowledge on how subs works and 0 talent for how to effectively build stacks unlike the other ENTP in this forum that I admire @Simon, I would appreciate the input of all the informed members of the forum in judging the stack below

  • Stark
  • Ultimate artist
  • Quantum limitless(starting from st1 and going upto st4 in an year)
  • Mind’s eye

I am planning on including khan and completing all stages for its strong social dominance feature to amplify my performance on stage but I am a bit hesitant seeing as this stack can be considered “heavy” and could leave to it being ineffective. Since I am 18, I have plenty of time in my hands but I don’t want to waste it anymore and blame my laziness and regret it later.

What change do y’all think I should make to the stack?


Standup comedy is all about Testing Ideas, while writing jokes is a very learnable process.

Stark + Ultimate Artist should be sufficient. :+1:t2:

QL can be useful, but not necessary. ME doesn’t really fit here.

Use Daredevil for confidence and improv (crowd work). Not Khan.
Khan will neither do well with insults, nor with failure (testing of jokes, audience booing, etc.)

Start today with all three. 18 is too late to start at such a competitive career. :smile:


Rogue too.

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I’m having deja vu.

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Rapsta, standupcomedy is an awesome choice and comes with alot of practice for standups, I personally think ENTPs are amazing doing it! ( love you guys/girls)

if you are open to exploring other means, try Dario Nardi his keys to self leadership. It is natural for you to be like this, If you don’t feel like it is natural, perphaps practice and playing more with your main cognitive funciton - seeing ways to change incongruous patterns, connections, and interrelationships. I belief this is where the Ne humor comes from…and it is your goldmine man! so work it :smiley: