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Greetings everyone,

I am new to this forum. My current goals are to increase physical attractiveness and aura, improve dating/sex life, and make lots of money. So with this in mind, I would like to use the following Subliminals:

Ecstasy of Gold

Currently, I am only using Seductive and Sex and Seduction with the libertine as a supercharger. The question I am wondering is, can I add Ecstacy of Gold into this playlist routine? As money and wealth are unrelated to physical attraction and sex/dating. I’ve also heard conflicting information on using Subliminals that are unrelated to each other with some saying focusing on more than one area on a given time will halt progress or make progress significantly slower in all areas.

Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks


My opinion is that, StarkQ seems like your answer to me in one package.


Ive read a little about StarkQ and it seems like a good option but Ecstacy of Gold seems more in line with my wealth goals or for some reason it seems more potent.


@athena - your stack is fine. You can do the following:

First month: Seductress + S&S + EoG ST1
Second month: Seductress + S&S + EoG ST2
Third month: Seductress + S&S + EoG ST3
Fourth month and more: Seductress + S&S + EoG ST4


I have to add that S&S focuses on manifestation of women. I don’t know whether it manifests men incase that is your preferred gender. Or women are actually what you are looking for.


Yes, gay female so only women.

I will try the stack you recommended. Thank you!


All the best, @athena


My sense is that the mind needs time to integrate the various instructions that it receives. If a very simple, narrowly-focused instruction is coming in, that won’t take much time to integrate. If many diverse instructions are coming in, then the mind will need more time to integrate all of them.

Whether the different programs can be treated as inter-related or not will probably vary from person to person. For an actor or cabaret performer, sex appeal and wealth could be really part of the same aspect of life. So Sex/Seduction and Ecstasy of Gold might be very easy for that person to integrate even when combined. For an entrepreneurial developer of VR/educational software, learning, innovation, wealth, and business building could all be part of the same vision. So Quantum Limitless, Ecstasy of Gold, and Emperor might be easily absorbed by that person.

My sense is that if the subliminals in your playlist contribute to a unified vision, your mind will probably integrate them faster. If you’ve already invested a significant level of commitment to that vision (and better still, already made some degree of progress toward that vision), I think it will integrate the benefits even faster still.

But even if the subliminals don’t all cohesively contribute to a unified vision, I think the mind will still integrate them and respond to the various messages and instructions. It’s just that it may take a bit longer.

If a person had a super-focused, really time-urgent goal, it would probably make sense to go for the one program that is most specifically related to that goal. Many of us, in contrast, are working on more general visions that cover different parts of our lifestyles and do not need to be resolved in the shortest possible amount of time. So, it’s probably okay to have a stack that represents some of your most important priorities, and to then just give it the time to do its thing, while you also give yourself the time you need to work on and grow in those areas.


Welcome @athena.

It may be better for you to use Mogul or Ascended Mogul instead of EOG.
Smaller script. Faster integration. No concern of stages/progression.

Also remember that 3 products is a lot of input. You may have to start with only 1 run of this playlist (3 hours) per day. Do not overdo it.

Looking forward to your reports/journal. It’ll be interesting to learn about how S&S and Seductress work together.

Enjoy. :+1:t2:


I am inclined to agree with Simon. EoG seems so much next to the other ones. I’d probably recommend a single-stage wealth subliminal instead.


Thanks for all the feedback everyone.

S & S and Seductive so far seem to be working well for me. It’s only been 2 days and I am working out and eating healthy (as opposed to before where it was more sporadic). My skin is turning glowy and dewy, eyes are brighter, and overall, I feel more confident and attractive. I have not gone out much (not much to do anyway right now) so don’t have much to report on external reactions. Though, I am a believer in the “aura”. I’ve had this aura in the past ( from a ritual a healer did) and it blew me away. Unfortunately, the results only lasted a week probably because it came from the outside and didn’t permeate my subconscious for it to be permanent. I have no issues attracting women and getting attention in general but my goal is to attract the women that I actually want.

As for wealth, the only reason why I keep gravitating towards EOG is that wealth has also been an area where I struggled a lot. I haven’t been able to break my income ceiling. And while I’m content with what I have emotionally, I desire more to accommodate my lifestyle and for security. My first goal is to make 10k per month this year and then to scale up once I reach that level (please note that I make considerably less currently so it will take some breakthroughs to get there) For some reason, I feel that mogul may not be enough to achieve this. Perhaps, I need to read more and do a little more research before I decide or maybe it’s just my mind playing tricks on me. Also, I have listened to a LOT of wealth Subliminals (mostly free), bought programs, went to a hypnotist, said affirmations and afformations, scripted, and wrote down affirmations until my hand passed out and turned blue. As a result, I have a firmer vision of my Business path and wealth goals and belief that it’s possible. I also feel a lot less stressed about money and way more relaxed. BUT I have not been able to break my income ceiling by much the past 3 years.


Mogul is perfect for this. Get on EOG when you’re aiming at over 100k per month. Not now.
Remember that Mogul contains it’s own healing modules like Rebirth, Limits Destroyer, etc.


I will add Mogul to my stack and try it for 90 days.

Also, since I started the subliminals, I have been having headaches and some stomach issues (turning stomach). Last night, I had a pounding headache towards the evening, had to go to bed early. I know this is a common symptom and my mind is telling me not to change the routine because it must be working.

Are there any recommended routines for this stack that would be optimal? (Ex. hours a day)


How much listening are you doing per day? It is possible to overdo it with Q, which may result in a headache.


Pretty much all day and night (with headphones) with the exception of last night, I decided it was best to take a break.


Subliminals use up a lot of brain power. Headaches are a low hydration signal.
Basically, the cure is simply to drink more water. :smile:

And also…

Like I mentioned earlier, limit yourself to playing your stack just once per day.
You may test how it feels by increasing later, but more play is not necessarily better.
The instructions file is kinda outdated for the new Q files; which should be updated soon along with the website.